How to find the strength of a site? I am stuck

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plz mention the tools and sites. I am a newbie on warrior forum so I am stuck
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    Look at the 10 first sites returned by google

    In all there are two main factors :

    Number of backlinks : If the sites have many backlinks, then you have a job in your hand. as a rule of thumb you need to double or triple that number in order to outrank them.

    The quality of backlinks : check where those backlinks are coming from, if you found that many of them are coming from relevant and authority sites, then again you are going to spend much time ranking your site than if those backlinks were coming from low authority sites.
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      Check backlinks quality, content on the site and Alexa rank to compare from two sites
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    The number of backlinks does not really matter, it is all about the quality.

    You have to really analyze each webpage of each site to estimate its strength.

    In fact, things like content with correct grammar greatly increase the strength of a website.

    The first thing to look for is whether the website is actually trying to rank for the keyword it is ranking for. Often websites rank for similar keywords to their main kws as a side effect of link building. If they have a strong website but aren't trying to rank for the keyword they will be easier to beat.

    There are literally hundreds of factors you can check to determine the websites keyword strength, it all comes down to an estimation in the end as nobody knows for sure the exact algorithms that the search engines use for ranking keywords.
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    For the overall site I find quite useful. It gives you a crude traffic rank for that site. So if you have an Alexa rank of 100 then according to them you are the 100th most popular site on the Internet.

    For actual pages on a site I would recommend the SEO Site Tools extension for Google Chrome. It gives you lots of useful statistics on the page that can help you determine it's strength.

    Market Samurai's SEO Competition Module is also very good and lets you pull back a number of userful statistics for any page and then compare those statistics against the top 10 results for the keyword in an easy colour coded format.

    Hope this helps,

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