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Here is something I wish I really understood when I first got started in business and marketing.

If you get this, you will see a huge, huge jump in your income in less than 90 days.

If you don't you'll struggle for many years (like I did) before you start making any money.

Thanks to the Lord, I now have several income streams that are almost completely "hands free" i.e. the money comes in when I'm sleeping.

The thing is, even though some of it is sort of on 'autopilot' none of these streams develop or maintain themselves.

And if I let go long enough, they'd slowly die off... and wouldn't generate income.

Let me emphasize: I need to develop and maintain these streams so they stay viable.

So what's this idea I'm talking about? Here it is:

"Get used to the idea of working everyday".

Yes, you can take vacations, you can even retire with a lump sum of money. But until you get used to this idea you won't get there.

Because your effort will be put into something that doesn't exist - so you'll only waste time and money.

On the other hand if you see yourself in something mid-to long term you will instantly create more value, better products. You will also be more productive and attract a higher quality of people, friends, JVs, and customers.

You'll also ooze credibility - people will trust you more when they see your commitment.

Try this: instead of always chasing the next pay day, see how you can create a business/website that will take at least 90 days to bring in a big check.

You'll probably start cashing in faster plus you will make more money.
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