Making $900 Per Month with Flippa

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Fast BIO -

2002 got online (crappy ebay sales learn't Dreamweaver)
2003 co-started an eCommerce Store
2006 left and got a payout (not as much as I wanted)
2007 started a Web Dev Company (was living the 4-hour work week pulling in $15k per month to offline clients)
2010 cared for my sick mother (lost business while doing this - my choice just gave up life's too short)
2012 present day lost it all had a ball well until I lost my Amazing mother!

Here I am and it's funny as I have been lurking about since 2003

This is the only thing that brings in the most and is working for me right now = Simple Sites + Flippa

I can see by the threads people want to know what works quickly and how to put it all together.

Keep seeing Kindle, Adsense, Fiverr and How much do you make - people want the Magic Key it seems. Everything is a system anyone can do it -

I have tried everything within reason and although not made Millions from some of the systems this might be through my lack of knowledge or determination on whatever I bought into and tried.

I am now making around $900+ Per Month just from Flippa. The things is I only sell around 8 sites per month.

(I cannot reveal what I do yet - but sometimes I guess I will)

Hope I can help some peeps out in here
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    I'm glad you are willing to help some peeps here on warrior forum
    how do you plan on accomplishing that?
    Just wondering cause you said you "cannot reveal what I do yet" if not yet, when do you plan on offering people information that could help them make some earnings on the internet.
    I don't do adsense, wordpress, amazon, or clickbank affiliate marketing anymore.

    I've moved on to something better. At least for me.
    Averagemom Has a Blog: What's Paying Now
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    Always interested to know your formula.

    Good on u!
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    What kind of sites area you flipping?
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    Good progress so far, I was never really able to get into the flipping websites game but I really want to in the near future.

    I'm def going to follow your thread for a while, subbed!

    I've only sold a couple sites on flippa, netting me around 1k.
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    Its tough when you lose a parent . The sacrifices they make for their kids is amazing . I am sorry for your loss . Just remember your mother is always watching over you.

    Good Luck with your Flippa business
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    Sorry for your loss. I lost my mother too, it was many years ago.
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