The Newbie Marketers Guide to Getting Sued

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There's one thing that's lacking in a lot of Internet marketing guides, and that's how to get sued. Now, I know, people don't generally like to get sued, but people getting sued helps lawyers earn their keep and, with the economy a bit down, Internet marketers have all the money and you know lawyers know where the money is.

So, if you want to help keep your own lawyer gainfully employed, I've put together this short little guide to getting sued. Mind you, I'm not a lawyer and I'm sure one will be along shortly to tell me where I'm wrong. But, in the meantime, while I cannot guarantee that any of these methods will result in you getting sued, I bet they will surely increase your chances.

. . .

Selecting a Domain Name

Try to select a domain name that incorporates a trademark. Go for exact match domains where you can combine several trademarks into one name. Product names as well as company names can be trademarked so if you combine several into one domain name, you'll likely increase your chances of getting sued.

Sure, you might only get a cease & desist order at first but if they suspect you've been making big bucks off of their trademark, well, they just might do a little more than your basic cease & desist. Your lawyer will be ecstatic, as it will keep him busy, except, of course, if he knows you probably won't be able to pay him his bill by the time all is said and done.

Finding Content

Need content? Just go to Google. Search on your keywords, find an interesting article, copy it and paste it into your WordPress text window, then hit "Publish!" How much easier could it be? If you grab articles off of major sites, you'll increase your odds of getting sued.

Need images? Go to Google Images. Grab all the ones you like and post them on your website. If you're really smart, you'll grab ones that belong to Getty Images. This will almost guarantee you'll get sued.

Videos? Go to YouTube. Download a nice video, import it into your video editing software, emblazen your logo and URL on it and upload to YouTube under your own account. Then, sit back and wait for the legal papers to arrive on your doorstep.

If you can manage to steal some content that has a registered copyright on it, you've hit the jackpot. Statutory damages for copyright infringement is like $50,000 or something, plus you get to pay the copyright holder's attorney fees and all that good stuff. Plus, I think that if you made money off of it, you get to pay all that to them too. Awesome, right?

Promoting Your Content

Now, you need to tell people how awesome your product is. Start off by hiring people to do video testimonials for your product. Can't afford that? Just make people up, grab some portraits from Google Images to give your fake reviewers a photo and write glowing reviews. Don't forget to use some well-known celebrities to endorse your product. You'll hit the motherlode! You'll violate right of publicity and copyrights, along with FTC regulations and other assorted stuff, all in one fell swoop!

Don't forget to make wild income claims too! Oh, have a celebrity declare the bulk of their income comes not from movie deals but by selling your MLM widget thingamabob to all their friends and that they make oodles of money from their downline. Permission? Truth? Bleh. You don't want either, not if you want to get sued.

Oh, you could go really wild and promise that not only will your four page eBook earn them $10,000,000 a month while they watch TV in their pajamas but it also cures cancer and the common cold and brings world peace. Do it just right and not only will you get sued, but you might possibly go to jail too. That's some bonus #winning right there!

Start a mailing list too. But, completely ignore the CAN-SPAM laws and don't put any contact information in your eMails--don't include the sender address or anything like that. Geez. People don't need to know that stuff. Don't include an unsubscribe link either.

Oh, wait! Be smart about it. Include an unsubscribe link but use a script so that they get added to an additional list when they unsubscribe. Then, delete them from the original list but keep them on the new one. You see, technically, they only unsubscribed from the original list. The other one is separate. If they want off that one, they need to unsubscribe from it. Of course, when they unsubscribe from that one, they get added to yet another one. And so on.

It will be impossible for them to get away from receiving your mailings! You just keep moving them to lists they haven't unsubscribed from. Brilliant! Oh, and you'll probably violate CAN-SPAM and some various state laws in the process, which means you might get sued by your own state as well as disgruntled subscribers. Again, #winning!

Take the Money and Run

Best of all, since you made this money online, it's tax-free, right? No need to file taxes or declare your income or anything. Just pocket the money. Uncle Sam doesn't need to know. And ignore the letters you receive from the IRS. If they send something registered mail, refuse it. Better yet, sign for it and just toss it. Who cares, right? Tax liens and penalties and stuff might be more fun than a lawsuit anyway. You'll never know what lock your keys will be unable to open next! It'll be like a game of chance. Will they garnish your McDonald's wages, seize your car or lock up your house today? Maybe all three. Roll the dice and take your chances!

. . .

Mind you, there are many more ways you can end up sued, fined or serving jail time, but, this being a newbie's guide, I've only covered the basics. So, read up on 'em and get to work!

Of course, if you'd prefer not to get sued, you could avoid doing the stuff described above, but then your lawyer could go broke. Are you really that heartless, especially in this economy?
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    Ha, nice post Dan. Very well written and humorous. True as well!
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      hahahahahah ... yup we do need the Art of Getting Sued Guide.

      I wonder how many would buy for such a WSO?
      === >>> Tomorrow Should Be Better Than Today

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    Dan... thank you, thank you, thank you - before this, I was only an amateur at getting sued by litigious people slipping in my salon parking lots or on the wet floors of my janitorial business accounts! Now... I too can be an Expert in yet another niche!

    My only question is... where is the order button to enroll in your course?


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    I have been somewhat discouraged lately, as I have found it difficult to get sued. I saw people on TV getting sued or even going to jail, but it always seemed like something that was out of reach for an average Joe like me. Armed with this new knowledge from Dan's course though, I am now confident in my abilities to have lawsuits filed against me.

    Thanks Dan!
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  • Profile picture of the author Cataclysm1987
    Loved it.

    Maybe you should do one for releasing WSO's as well? Bet there's lots of material there

    No signature here today!

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    This post could also serve as a newbie's guide to article writing. This is how an article should be - informative, witty, entertaining... great stuff.
    So you did a great service for everyone - you gave us a great article to read and analyze, and for the adventurous types, you gave them a great piece of content for their blogs, so they can test how it feels to get sued, or at least receive those popular cease and desist letters. :-)
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    • Profile picture of the author Quainta
      Excellent way to stimulate the economy, information will keep lawyers working for a long time!
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    Boy is that great guide.. I be sure to pay more attention to where I get my images from... That's the toughest one for me..

    and copying content is a definite no no.. I've done it in the past but mostly with PLR and I would always rewrite it and make it my own.. It's better to spend about 15 minutes making some copied content unique than just copying and pasting then getting slapped by Google if it appears too many times.


    Who should one talk to about getting those finances in order? Paying the taxes and stuff.. Is there a special CPA or specialist to go to?
    "May the optimism of your tomorrow fuel your drive for today"
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    Your country thanks you for you hard work Dan. Good thing someone is looking out for our lawyers and our economy.
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    I definitely got a good laugh out of this!
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    Funny. Everything you have said is so true but lots of people don't really think about things like this.
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    Nicely done
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    Make sure you sell you Getty Images download or give it away in the War Room too.
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  • Profile picture of the author Rod Cortez

    I just sold your Warrior avatar on eBay for $2 bucks. Since that wasn't covered in your guide, I'm home free right?

    "Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out."
    - Jim Rohn
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  • Profile picture of the author Anna Kowalski
    Originally Posted by Dan C. Rinnert View Post

    There's one thing that's lacking in a lot of Internet marketing guides, and that's how to get sued.....
    Thank you for filling this void in the marketplace

    To be honest the opportunity to get sued is at an all time peak. Why not take advantage of this hot market!

    I would like to hear some reviews from those Warriors who actually get sued before I take the plunge.

    Best of luck with your upcoming litigation
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  • Profile picture of the author Michael Oksa
    Hi Dan,

    Your guide is excellent, but I would like to add another method of getting traffic: spamming forums.

    The beauty of spamming forums is that you don't have to take all of that pesky time setting up a list or ignoring CAN-SPAM. Anybody can to their favorite forum and include links back to their sites.

    You can do this in a few different ways.

    1. Create a signature and post a bunch of one-liners to get your sig seen.

    2. Respond to as many posts as you can, the less relevant the better. Include several links back to your site. Bonus points if you use copy and paste for all of your replies.

    3. Start new threads as quickly as you can. If you do it right, you can quickly have most of the first page of a forum all to yourself.

    4. For advanced users only. Dig up really old threads that are relevant to your offer and post in them.

    I hope this helps, and thanks again for such an awesome guide.

    All the best,

    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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    I will follow this to the letter!
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  • Profile picture of the author tpw
    Well, that was 20 minutes of your life Dan that you will never get back!!!

    You were:
    Originally Posted by Palusko View Post

    informative, witty, entertaining...
    And you did it in 20 minutes!!

    My god, what were you thinking?!?

    Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA,
    Publish Coloring Books for Profit (WSOTD 7-30-2015)
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    Hahah this completely cracked me up!

    Time to get myself sued!..waitwhat!?
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    • Profile picture of the author JohnMcCabe
      Another DCR original production. Well done.

      A side benefit is that, with all the lawyers busy suing IM types, they won't have time to make more of those obnoxious commercials. Thus freeing up time for feminine hygiene products and game show hosts peddling life insurance...
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  • Profile picture of the author buckeyes09
    Splendiferously prodigious.

    I did get an email from a nice lady, I believe, from Texas once.


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  • Profile picture of the author Czorny
    Laughed a lot.
    I've never heard of some offshore single I-marketers being sued.
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    • Profile picture of the author Bill Farnham
      Dan, can you get sued for cookie stuffing?

      You left that one out.

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  • Profile picture of the author Randall Magwood
    The "finding content" portion of your post Dan is hilarious, but absolutely true.
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    This is very valuable info... Everyone should implement this...
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    • Profile picture of the author Jill Carpenter
      Some guru you are Dan Rinnert.

      Someone slapped a suit on me a few years back - and I didn't have to do any of this!

      I have the easier way/solution for you noobs. Don't listen to Dan.

      Here is what you do -

      You go and sue someone who is already doing these things - and they will toss a slap suit back at you!

      Much less work.

      Stop complicating things Dan. No wonder the noobs are always lost and confused.

      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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      • Profile picture of the author tpw
        Originally Posted by Jill Carpenter View Post

        Some guru you are Dan Rinnert.

        Someone slapped a suit on me a few years back - and I didn't have to do any of this!

        I have the easier way/solution for you noobs. Don't listen to Dan.

        Here is what you do -

        You go and sue someone who is already doing these things - and they will toss a slap suit back at you!

        Much less work.

        Stop complicating things Dan. No wonder the noobs are always lost and confused.

        And the lawyers get more excited... :p
        Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA,
        Publish Coloring Books for Profit (WSOTD 7-30-2015)
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  • Profile picture of the author JerrickYeoh
    It sound like you teach us how to get sued rather than how not being get sued..
    That funny but i like this post. That real , internet laws is improving while lot of thing can easily get sued now . It won't be that flexible at 10 years ago which you can copy paste anytime since they share out.
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  • Profile picture of the author mello
    Wait ... are there review copies of this I can then use to the max or copy and paste and add my authorship? Damn, guess that won't get me sued.

    Thanks Dan - love on-target messages wrapped in humour. I'm intrigued to know what sparked it?
    Everything is doable ... if you take action
    Internet Marketing
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    • Profile picture of the author tpw
      Originally Posted by mello View Post

      I'm intrigued to know what sparked it?

      Spend an afternoon within the main sub-forum here at the Warrior Forum, and you will have little doubt what sparked this rant. :p
      Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA,
      Publish Coloring Books for Profit (WSOTD 7-30-2015)
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      • Profile picture of the author ConnerD
        The internet sure is a great resource of information but of course we must be cautious with our actions on the world wide web for there are some stuffs that are not allowed to be use and share without the permission of the owner. This post of yours is indeed very informative
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  • Profile picture of the author HappyLuke
    Your post got my attention and I read it. Thanks for that reminder to be careful. It is easy if you are honest and enjoy what you are doing.

    In America anyone can go straight to the top. And here's what's exciting- It is the bottom that is crowded, not the top.

    (Excerpt from my Success Manual found at

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  • Profile picture of the author AlexMcLeod
    Originally Posted by mello

    I'm intrigued to know what sparked it?
    Probably visited one too many sites like the one he describes. I know I have...
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