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Hey - it worked, you came in like magic!

Now I have to admit I have been inclined to start a new thread without thinking thru all the pros & cons of opening my mouth (I know you have trouble believing that LOL) so keep that in mind while you read on...

I've started a new site specifically for reviewing IM products.

So what I'd like is REAL IM reviews of products that you've tried and liked. The reason you liked it, what you didn't like etc etc - you know how it goes - I'll post your review to my blog and include a link back to your site/blog etc as the author of the review.

I thought about adding your affiliate link to the product in the review as well, but then I can't be sure I'm getting an honest review.

Lemmee know if you're interested - please don't post your reviews here tho - I'm looking for interest at the moment.

BTW - the reviews will go on a FREE blog - there wont be any sign up requirement or monthly anything.

If you think this is a crap idea for whatever reason - at least please be pleasant - don't YELL at me - it's Monday morning LOL!
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