How do YOU build a relationship with your subscribers ?

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It's day 11 and my list has 51 emails, I got 3 follow ups with free content, not sure when is a good time to push the first affiliate link (recommends).

What did you do when you first built your list ?
What do you do now to provide value ?
How often do you push a sale ?
Do you push for a sale a week small dollars ($37) or once per month big dollars ($97) ?

What do you do?


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    I know you want money, who doesn't, but I think that reframing the way you think about your list will make you more money in terms of overall dollars.

    Imagine that you have 5 friends around you right now. If you asked each one for a dollar, you'd probably get one from each and now you have $5.00*

    Look at the reason why your friends were willing to give you a dollar each.

    How do translate that into the online world?

    What I see is too many people thinking that the Internet (e-mail) is some mysterious thing. It's just a tool.

    One major thing to keep in mind is that if you have a list of (example) 3,000, you are going to bond with a certain number (or percentage of the list) and these are the people you have a chance with, because your connection/bond.

    * Like usual, there would be some reason why you want the dollar, so you'd have a reason and tell them.
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    The first thing that came up in my mind after reading this thread is the saying...

    "Give and you shall receive"

    Provide good value to your subscribers and help them out. Imagine as if they were your friends. Show them useful resources, send them copies of small reports, etc... Just think about when your friend sends you a link to a funny picture or a free coupon or something.
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    Bear in mind you don't want to always give free stuff.

    If you set the expectation in your subscribers that they
    will always get stuff from you for free, they will never buy
    from you.

    - Insert backlink here -

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    Don't underestimate the power of selling something low. Just getting people to pull out their credit card and commit even a dollar to you is significant, and it helps you turn your "Free" relationship with them into a paid one


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