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Hi Warriors:

I hope the weekend was great for you all. I'm hoping I could trouble as many of the fine folks on the forum for advice.

In the not too distant future I'm launching a new product (the info is below from a previous Joint Venture Post).

Since there is uniqueness in the contents I have a passion to see this all the way up the mountain but.....

I'm not a sales person in regard to the traditional meaning. My question is where would you post and research if you were looking for a sales person or sales people plural to make calls and attempt face to face contact? The product is set up so it benefits the folks looking to improve skills for their business podcasts or audio/video promotions as well as being perfect for schools, colleges, business managers, public speakers, and broadcasting schools.

What I would like is to cover all bases of marketing. Work with Warriors and affiliates for on-line promotion and sales but also reach the off-line income potential.

Thank you for your help and as always no suggestion is a bad one. Even if the sites or people you refer me to are common it is always appreciated greatly.

Original post below!

Have a fantastic and money making week.

I will be launching a new and unique product in the near future and wanted other Warriors to be able to come aboard in a Joint Venture and later on as a Warrior Special Offer..

As a former radio disc-jockey, long time public speaker (currently includes lectures with one time Grateful Dead member Tom Constanten and America’s rock and roll photographer Don Aters) and author the time is right to show how to communicate the right way for profit, self-confidence, or to better manage a staff.

The package which could be constructed in any or all of three ways:
1)A download of PDF and Audio Files
2)A Data CD or two of the audio and PDF Files
3) A Data CD or two and a book or manual of actual text

Many internet marketers, managers, sales people, etc can write great copy but when it comes time to communicate their message falls on closed ears. They lose out on a tremendous opportunity to use audio and video to promote their product, company, and themselves!

The program works on the removal of regional accents with 660 of the most commonly mispronounced words and the proper and improper way of saying them (Audio & PDF). Other programs do not address the biggest turn off the speaker faces.

There is a PDF File of thousands of the most commonly misspelled words with both the incorrect and proper way to spell them. It is the first reverse dictionary of its kind. We don’t give you the meaning of the words but you’ll not have to guess how they should be spelled ever again.

Some highlights:

Exercises (Audio and PDF File) on how to improvise. What if the speech you were working on flew away with a gust of wind? These exercises teach the ability to improvise in different time lengths on various topics.

Believe in yourself and others will too (Audio and PDF File).

A 90 minute phone consultation to help motivate, coach, and guide.

Free email support for questions and tips.

A consumer protection section for those involved in internet and home based business. Instant links to the state attorney general offices and other consumer protection agencies (PDF File).

In addition each purchase includes my Jefferson Airplane book “Take Me To A Circus Tent” and the Jefferson Starship “Have You Seen The Stars Tonite.”

The Joint Venture can be done in several ways:
Making money promoting as an affiliate
Incorporating my product and yours as part of the package
Becoming an actual hands on salesperson to market the product to schools (High School, College, and Broadcasting) and businesses.

Please feel free to contact me with a private message to discuss the situation in greater detail.

Enjoy the day.
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    I would post on Craigslist in a local newspaper and maybe a job board like to find offline employees.

    Make sure to verify references and interview anyone at least twice. Ask them open ended general questions to get them to open up and show you what kind of person they really are.

    I've hired people before and they lie about anything. A good employee is worth a lot and a bad one can be a nightmare.
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      Hi Warner 444:

      Thanks for the prompt response. I understand about what goes on during the writing of a resume!

      Have a great week!

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