Using Other Peoples List To Make Money?

by erob
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I have seen a couple of presentations and even got a couple of emails about using this tactic to get sales or sign ups buying solo mailings to the list of other people. Is this still a good tatic to use are is it out dated?

The other tatic was to buy solo mailings to ezines that have mailing list.
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    It is.

    I recommend this site to go about doing it:

    Ad swaps, sell solo and buy solo mailings at Safe-Swaps

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    • Yep, this is where list building becomes really powerful. You are able to leverage your list with others and get your message across to a whole new audience.
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    To be honest anytime you are working with a list you have a huge chance of earning money. I would highly recommend trying to send some free products to someones list to try to build your own. That way you can continuously make money from them instead of just once. I should probably add make sure that you add value to your emails though so no one feels spammed.
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    I've heard of this tactic working, just be sure its from a viable, trusted source.


    "Success comes when people act together; failure tends to happen alone." -- Deepak Chopra

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      Originally Posted by Jonathan Joseph View Post

      I've heard of this tactic working, just be sure its from a viable, trusted source.
      Even in the case of safe-swaps, it all depends on quality. Safe-Swaps made it very easy to see whether someone's a legitimate email marketer with a responsive list or not, so I recommend you try them.

      And there will be people who say it's worth it, other will say it's a complete waste of time. To be honest, I'm just taking my chances as well. That's the thing with IM: You have to test everything yourself, because that's the only way to figure out whether something will work for you or not.

      If it works, great.

      If it doesn't work, great: You're one new experience richer. Besides it doesn't cost too much to try out a few solo mailings, so I definitely encourage you give it a try.

      All the bests,
      No agenda here...
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    solo ads work great but you do of course need to know exactly the ones to use

    as long as you have a good sales funnel in place and your squeeze pag converts well then you are good to go

    using OTO`s are a good idea too so you can recoup some of your investment back right away. So if you paid $75 for a solo ad you could make $30 - $50 back from your OTO`s and if you use upsells you could even make more back than what you bought the ad for

    once you find a winning solo campaign scale it up but i tend to buy a solo ad twice or 3 times to make sure the results are accurate and riughly the same each mailing

    hope this helps

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    Yea list swapping is pretty common. People regularly send offers to each others lists to help each other grow their own.
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  • If you want to build your list fast this is the way to do it.

    PM Me Now!

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    yes if I had no money and had to start over, listbuilding would be key.

    I would try to make friends with a bigger marketers with a massive list, and give him a product to plug and get commissions.

    Safe swaps is also a good way if you have money.
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    Solo ads can be very effective as you can get targeted opt-ins and from there (say 500 opt-ins), you can get into ad swaps. As for the quality of any list, truth is, it is all trial and error and you just have to spend for it.
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    My email get spam everyday of selling bunch of email lists base on category .
    I do think of it , but is that legal ?
    If i pick this point in Asia, it seem illegal and lot of offensive.
    But we know that email marketing conversion rate is high compare to other internet marketing.
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    Yes Soloads now represent one of my best converting traffic sources. A soload is simply an endorsement of your product by someone else who already owns a big list, in exchange for a fee. Some of them can actually send you up to 3000 targeted people, and if your offer is great, you can easily get a list of 1200 – 1500 people overnight. And if you’ve added one-time offers, you’ll recover some of your costs instantly.

    I highly recommend this for everyone wishing to fasttrack his success.

    To your success,


    Looking for high quality solo ad traffic? 200-2000 clicks available/day. Testimonials here. PM me

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    Buying SoloAds not only is not outdated, it's currently one of the more effective ways to build your list fast. And if you're smart you can break even pretty fast using a OTO.
    Of course, then it all depends on the quality of the other person's list.
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    Here's something I got from Bryan Winters in an emai lust this morning, and I quite verbatim:

    "Approach a list owner by email, skype, or PM. Find
    out how many new subscribers they're getting every
    day, and offer them a reasonable monthly fee for
    adding an email promo (ad), to their automated follow
    up messages - so that it goes out to all new subscribers
    to their list(s).

    Make sure to use a tracking link so that you can track
    results (clicks, etc.). And try to get placement such that
    your email goes out within the first week of when a
    subscriber first joins their list (the sooner the better)."

    I hope that helps - good luck!
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    Yes, solo ads is one of the best techniques around, if you're looking for paid traffic.
    But be careful of scams. You should do your due diligence on who you're buying from.
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    I've used to purchase a few solo ads and I really like their system. They make it really easy to find the legitimate lists to promote your stuff too.

    If you can get your sales funnel to make more money than what you're paying for your solo ads you can make money and build up a huge list at the same time.
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