Anyone know of a guide to finding hot niches

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Does anyone out there know of a good guide that can walk me through the process of finding new hot niches?

I always seem to get stuck on this part so a great guide to finding hot niches would be great thanks.
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    Subscribe to wordtracker. They will send you searches that are going on every day.

    I think Google also post hot trends here:
    Google Trends

    Is that what you need?

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    Niche Domination Secrets - How Anyone Can Dominate Profitable Niche Markets or Cheater's Guide to Internet Marketing (get it when it re-opens)

    Then there's Membership Sites on Crack!

    I don't know if that last one is ready yet or if the salespage is live, but I watched the webinar a while back and found it to be a good guide of niche selection, product creation, and even basic copywriting.

    All the ones I've mentioned are expensive, but worth it if you intend to learn from them.

    Alternatively, you could use the search function in this forum
    Curtis Ng (blog) - Product Launch Manager
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    Do you mean you want to find hot niches or do you mean that you want to find niche keywords with low competition?

    If you just want hot niches then you dont need a guide to do that.
    There are many hot niches like how to lose weight, how to whiten your teeth, how to get your ex back, how to make money online, etc, etc.
    Obviously, these niches will have a lot of competition but they are surely hot niches.

    If you want to find low competition keywords in these hot niches then you could use the tools at or use wordtracker or other keyword software.

    The easiest thing would be to find some very popular problems and offer a solution to these.

    Hope this helps.

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