Who is making more than $ 15,000 montly through clickbank,cpa or amazon?

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Who is making more than $15,000 monthly with Clickbank, Amazon or Cpa?
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    I wish I was lol.

    That is my goal.
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    I would like to see which warriors are making more than $ 15,000 monthly I think we need a mastermind group with someone making that much as a leader for the group.
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      I make more than $15k....but it's in other realms besides Amazon etc.... I have made more than that prior as a Amazon seller though..not an affiliate...any of these areas you can get to $15k+ with some effort...I would concentrate on one area and master it though...study what your successful competition is doing....With enough effort and diligence in one area..not bouncing around...you can achieve this.... Don't let anyone tell you...oh clickbank doesnt work...or adsense is dead...seo is too hard....good luck!
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        We consistently come in between 12k and 20k per month - around 50% of this is on Clickbank; 40% is from our own shopping cart - the other 10% is a mixture of Plimus, Adsense, CPA, Private Affiliate Programs, Kindle & Tune Core. Our main niche is personal development and are always looking for JVs (either cross email promos or product creation). We believe the key to success is setting up a system(s) that does as much of the work for you as possible - that can either be a software system or a human resource system. Another key is that it doesnt matter how often you fail as long as you learn something from that failure and apply it next time. Each failure is one step closer to success
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    there are many methods offered if you look into forum. CPA, WSO creation, providing service such as SEO, if you know how to do graphics you can sell your skills, etc. you really need to dig one spot. i have done this and that and barely made like 3k for like 6 months which isn't good. spent again trying to learn this and that and now I am trying to stick to CPA. whatever you choose, you really need to take action and don't be afraid of failing, you will gain something from it and that mistake won't happen again.
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