Help Me Make It Rain! Umbrella Domains?

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Hi all,

Money-making warriors, I need your help!

OK - so, here's the situation...

I have an opt-in page, that leads to a salespage
(tested and converts well) for a great product.
no probs there...

Now I have an ok amount of traffic heading
through the site and I am just starting now to
develop traffic strategies to increase hits.


I also happen to own about 10 other extremely
keyword-rich domain names that relate exactly to
my product (won't reveal here, but for example
if it was a male hair loss treatment, I have
domains like, and they are receiving
a lot of traffic just from google and people
researching these keywords.

I had just domain-parked these sites but I want
to utilize the interest and traffic that they are

So warriors... what should I do??

Do I seo each of the other page? Do I domain
forward them to the primary page? Create more
opt-in pages... or do I just focus on my primary
page? argh?! I just don't know!

Could any warriors with direct experience
please offer their help and experiences?

I would greatly appreciate it.

Please note:
I am not in the male hair-loss niche,
that was just a bad example to
illustrate the variations of domains
I have.

#domains #make #rain #umbrella
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    I think creating more opt-in pages is the best solution.
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    Thanks Onera, anyone else got an opinion?

    I could really use some help on this one... thanks warriors!!
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    Just my .02 here but I would say do what all good marketers do and TEST.

    You say you have a great opt-in and converting landing page, then put that exact same set up on the other sites.

    Or design several new ones, and rotate them with some kind of split testing script. Which ever one does the best for the site it is on, stick with that.

    You have the unique advantage of being able to split test without having to start driving traffic from scratch. Don't waste that opportunity.

    Best of luck,

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      Thanks Rebtl, I hadn't thought of it like that. I appreciate the advice!
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    I would go with Rebtl and use all your domains to test different landing pages.
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    If the domains are all in the same niche, have you back linked them to each other yet? I don't know exactly how to explain it, but they all link up like a big daisy chain to each other and they all benefit from the rankings. Something to think about doing a search for.
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  • Profile picture of the author dmh_warrior
    Thanks IMchick, I get what you mean - that's a great idea.

    and thanks Philip, sounds like testing is where I need to be at!
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