Bought my first WP Theme want to make it look like when I bought it =]

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Ok so I bought this theme here:
Freshie HTML CSS Template Preview - ThemeForest

And thought when I opened the theme I'd just have to fill all the content in with my own and change the text.

However the layout is very generic as this is what the actual theme looks like:

I don't understand how I make a single column under where the image is suppose to be. Then to have a few rows display underneath that.

When I find the page, all it shows is the text. Like I go to the page I want to edit, but don't understand how I put a single column under it, and then add a few rows under that column.

I've watched about 20 wordpress tutorials but they don't describe how you changed the actual layout. All the videos just explain what each seperate section in wordpress does. I don't understand how to just change the way the page looks.

Am I adding these columns to the area where the text is written? Am I suppose to know coding here because I hope not?

I thought wordpress was suppose to be simple I've killed a whole day so far and not learned a thing. I just want to change the way each page looks. Something close to how the original theme looks, or even this website here: Pure Service Pro – Water Damage, Mold Testing, Mold Remediation & Fire Restoration | Mold, Water & Fire Restoration Specialist CALL US NOW! (877) 825-3841 We will clean it up!

Do I need plugins for this? Is there any tutorial out there that actually shows how to do this clearly?

I'm losing my mind I thought this would take a few hours to do but apparently this is going to take weeks to learn how to make simple changes like this?

Someone please help me!
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    Wow, the difference between the theme demo and the actual theme is stunning!

    Without having access to the actual theme, it's very hard to give you any detailled steps to take.

    First thing I would do, is to enter a few pages and posts with dummy text into my wordpress, so I see how they show up in the theme.

    Have you tried the support of the theme creator?
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    Yeh I did send him a message about an hour ago still waiting on a response. Theres just so many different options in wordpress and I'm not seeing any kind of matrix here.

    I'm focusing on "pages" and "theme options" but there seems to be no way to add entirely new columns or rows to what I'm looking at. It looks like I'm going to have to pay a website designer which was the whole reason I bought the theme in the first place - I thought I'd just be able to quickly rearrange things myself.

    I'd upload the theme if I wasn't so worried it would break the rules. Will probably wait for the theme developer and if he can't help me guess I'll have to pay someone to do it now. Ughh!
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      There is nothing simple about wordpress.

      For a lot of people starting out the learning curve is huge.

      All the boards are filled with people as frustrated as you are.

      There should be documentation with the theme. Without that documentation no one can help you figure it out. The theme you have is a very complicated theme and quite unique.

      On the plus side it does make very nice looking sites. So if you stick with it you might end up with something of value. And you probably will be able to figure it all out eventually.

      But it doesn't take a day. It will probably be weeks, at least, of work and a good deal of frustration.

      Good luck.
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    It will take you a lot longer than a day to learn how to use WordPress and the themes and plugins. Its just like learning any software. You will learn as you use it. It is simple once you do learn though and allows you to make websites without knowing any programming.
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    Ok thanks I seem to finally be making some improvements. I should have mentioned I have used dreamweaver for a lot of years prior to wordpress (I am NOT a website designer was just a hobby) and it was taking too long to master the software which is why I moved over thinking wordpress would be a lot easier.

    I think it was the initial shock of spending the entire day w/out learning literally 1 thing. But due to this last comment (@Dan) I went back to go over the documentation again and realized EVERYTHING I'm looking to do is with the shortcodes. Thats where I was messing up. I did not understand how to add columns and forms right in the body where the text is if you search youtube you will not find a single video on this.

    Instead of watching countless horrible tutorials I should have just kept rereading the documentation.

    Now I'm getting shortcodes in, playing with widgets, and overall feeling a lot better about what I'm doing. Thanks a lot gentlemen.

    edit: Just put a form in I LOVE wordpress now!

    It took me 30 hours between dreamweaver and photoshop to make my last form, since discovering shortcodes it took me 5 seconds to make a form in wordpress.

    So I will conclude by saying this thread is over I have nothing to complain about anymore. =]
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    Ask for the Dump.xml File
    it willmake the theme just like the way you bought it

    Best Regards, Mikal Laster
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