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Hey guys,

I have a phrase that I think I want to market, but, want to get some ideas.

If I search this phrase on Google keyword tool, it has 14,800 monthly searches.

Now, if I go to google itself to see how many websites exist for it, in quotes, it has 3,340 websites devoted to it, but, without quotes, it has over 16 million.

I have happened across this situation before, and was essential are quotes on an exact phrase in Keyword tool?

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    I don't know about the specifics because I am not a so called expert in Google Keyword Research.

    However, from everything I have read, what you have there is what they would call a Target Rich Environment.

    High Number of Searches
    Low Number of Competing Pages

    Personally I would go for it.

    Best of Luck,

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    Thanks. Was again wondering about the quotes.

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    Without quotes, any word(s) of your phrase in result.

    In quotes, full phrase as searched although could have additional prefix and/or suffix words.
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