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Hi there,

Getting ready to revamp a site and since most of the pages on the site will be a salespage format I was wondering if it might be better to just put up an html site as opposed to a wordpress site. The only thing stopping me is that I would also like it to be mobile ready.

Any thoughts on this. It is for an entertaiment (not adult) business.

Thanks in advance.
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      You could go with Wordpress, and then buy Optimize press to create your salespages with it.

      www.optimizepress.com ( not an affiliatelink)

      It's just so much easier with Wordpress as opposed to HTML.

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        Originally Posted by Abby Haukongo View Post

        You could go with Wordpress, and then buy Optimize press to create your salespages with it.

        It's just so much easier with Wordpress as opposed to HTML.

        thanks abby i also go with wordpress.
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          George, another consideration is whether you already have a complete marketing plan in place to generate traffic to your.

          Regardless of whether it's HTML or Wordpress, a pretty site does nothing to bring in traffic.

          I'm sure you already know that. So just bringing this up, just in case.

          There are platforms available that have pre-installed templates, yet allow you to upload your own HTML. And they may come with in-built SEO functionality (site submission, on-page, backlink building etc).
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    There are some great themes on Wordpress that is so easily customized. Unless you want to spend a lot of time working on html, I would say invest in a Premium Theme and work on Wordpress.

    ...just my thoughts.
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    I automaticly think of sales pages of HTML, but I'm sure many have them on wordpress sites also.

    just make a list.

    positives negatives

    If say wordpress has more positives, go with wordpress

    The most lame answer you could get I guess, but it is your site so it is you who have to choose. What works best for you, not what works best for the first person who replies to your post

    I hop that helped at least a little.
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    I would go with WP. I agree with Abby.
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    WordPress is excellent to work with and offers so much more options, plugins, etc....

    But WordPress is also complex to work with and a newbie will struggle with it's steep learning curve.

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    Thanks Everyone. The bad thing about using wordpress is that I cannot design it like I can HTML. I can to into photoshop design the background and headers to the way I want them.

    Thanks again.

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      Originally Posted by GeorgeP1 View Post

      Thanks Everyone. The bad thing about using wordpress is that I cannot design it like I can HTML. I can to into photoshop design the background and headers to the way I want them.

      Thanks again.

      I understand that nobody want to spend money on something that he can make by his own, but maybe you should hire designer to help you?
      WordPress CMS is very simply and easy to use. And there are a lot of plug-ins that can help you to make your site more cool (awesome galleries and etc). In HTML vs. WP contest - my voice goes to WordPress.
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    My vote goes to WordPress. There are theme builders available for WordPress, so you can get the look you want if you can't find a theme you like. You also have the option of making a child theme based on something like the twentyeleven theme which allows you to make customizations that won't be overwritten by a theme update. (This is more complicated.)
    With plugins, you can easily do things that take a LOT of HTML and time to achieve. I know this from experience, because I used to hand code everything before WordPress came along. You can almost find a plugin for just about anything you want your site to do, and it sets it up easily. Additionally, updating is a breeze compared with hand-coding HTML.
    Ultimately, though, the choice is yours.
    Good Luck!

    Jim Waller
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    For almost any type of site, I would say Wordpress. WP is easy to customize and change, and it is easy to add new pages.

    When it comes to salespages, especially if you won't be doing much customizing or adding many new pages, then HTML is better. I tried out those WP salespage themes, and I personally find HTML easier to work with. Actually, I find that HTML and a WYSIWYG editor like Kompozer would be best for your type of website.
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    Most people use wordpress these days.
    I think you should use wordpress, too.
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    I prefer of using Wordpress because you can customize it to become more SEO friendly

    To God be the glory

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    hey there, i recently built a payment script for pdf files, its more a payment processer.
    when user pays (via paypal or any other method) he receives a link to his email with download link, which changes constantly, means link cannot be sent to other people.

    contact me if your interested or would like a preview on how it works.

    regarding if to use WP or HTML, its obvious static pages are better if not much data is needed.
    plus they are way more stable, why would u want to grab data from DB to show like 3 pages?
    and static pages rank way higher than dynamic pages. and no im not talking about adding ".html" to your files via apache server.
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    I'd definitely suggest a Premium Theme in WP and perhaps even using optimizepress.
    Depending how tech savvy, and how much time you have!


    "Success comes when people act together; failure tends to happen alone." -- Deepak Chopra

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    What ever you are more comfortable using.
    I have used both and both platforms work well,
    I personally prefer static HTML.
    If your site has good content and is structured
    properly there really is no difference.
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    Wordpress for sure.. A newbie like me can understand wordpress much better than html!

    Alternative you could try optimizepress.. I've used optimizepress for several of my websites and I'm deeply with love in it.. it's so easy to use + there's tutorial videos..

    1 of the best investment I've made so far in my IM journey.. OptimizePress!!
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      I used to fight that very same battle with myself, but wordpress won out. Especially when I started using flexsqueeze or optimizepress. Easy sales pages, etc.

      It's the flexibility of structure that I love about wordpress. I started thinking more CUSTOM--IZEABLE rather than custom. Custom is a bad word. Customizeable is the ideal word.

      I love to work with flexibilty theme and make it work hard. For sales pages Flex squeeze has served me well as the sales page of the flexibility theme.

      Hope this helps.
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    Personally, I'd really think that it is okay to use either HTML and Wordpress. Then, If you're concern on mobilizing your site. I suggest that you check GOMO - Mobilizing your site, this is powered by Google Initiative, so you can trust this one.

    Here's more information about GOMO Ready to Go Mo?

    Good Luck Friend.
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    George you can use Wp as a static site simply by using the pages feature. HTML is easy but Wp has many more benefits if you plan on going bigger at a later time. Plus, you can either eliminate the blog section or add it. Also, I do believe there is a mobile plugin for going mobile as well but don't quote me on that one.

    Right Now. What a wonderful time to start!

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    WordPress and WordPress MU have been merged, a WordPress installation will be able to manage more than one blog.
    Good Luck Friend
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