hey guys! another thread about article marketing by another beginner! YAY!

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I spent the last two hours reading. I don't know what just happened. My head's reeling. I started from one forum and kept following links until I came back to that same forum. Oh the links....

Not pleasant.

I have a few questions. I am sorry for being so dense.

1. I keep hearing 'syndication.' If I upload an article to Ezine, is that syndication? What if I don't syndicate it? Will that article still be on Ezine, but un-syndicated? Or is anything I upload to Ezine automatically 'syndicated' content?

2. I know that I should only give original articles to Ezine after they've been on my site for a while, allowing Google to 'index' it. What does that mean, and how will I know when my article is indexed, before I upload it to Ezine?
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    Syndicating simply means having your article put on multiple other sites. Some webmasters go to Ezine Articles to find content to include on their website. Having your article there can be a form of syndication. Additionally, some people will write guest posts on other people's blogs/ sites or submit them to the owner of a website to publish.
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