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Does anyone have any advice for a newbie, a acquaintance who is a internet market guy told me he makes money doing this.Id like to learn
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    I would say learn by doing, don't wait for that perfect moment to start making money online, just start it and you can earn money right away and learn from your mistakes, hope that helps.
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    Find someone who knows what they are doing and follow their advice. That's the fastest way to learn how to be successful. There's so much misinformation being thrown around on this forum. The hard part is finding a credible mentor.
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    Welcome , Im in the same boat and just recently joined. I guess since no one has said it yet. Most of the comments that i recieved in my first post. Were upgrade to the war-room. Ive been browsing these forums all night and havent seemed to scrape the top of it yet. From what ive read only it seems like upgrading is the best investment for newcomers like ourselves. Anyway everyone here has been very nice on this forum so I hope you enjoy your stay and learn a lot. Maybe Ill even see you in the war-room next week after i purchase my upgrade

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    Welcome to the WF. Only suggestion I can make is doing something you're pretty passionate about for your very first website. It will teach you the basics on how to manage a site and you go from there. You can also experiment with it and don't be afraid to make mistakes, that is part of the learning process.
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    Read and absorb enough information free and otherwise... that you can.
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    Good advice in these replies. DotComBum is SO right about not pussyfooting around. Just get an offer together and get it out there. The fastest way to learn is by making some mistakes. You want to get those rookie mistakes out of the way as quickly as possible. You'll gain valuable experience that way.
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    I find most of the people that take my training make a pretty good money. The site is not completely up, so you can't sign up yet as I am not going to launch it before my radio show giving everyone fair and equal opportunity to get started at the same time.

    If you have any questions, skype me.
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    Originally Posted by wmulder93 View Post

    Does anyone have any advice for a newbie, a acquaintance who is a internet market guy told me he makes money doing this.Id like to learn
    Welcome to WF...

    To help keep you from obtaining any kind of "information overload", the best advice I can give you is to find a video training course that will show you everything you need to do - step by step.

    A good place to start is by going to Internet Marketing Academics. Just type them in your URL bar and you'll be taken straight to their sign up page. All the web basics are covered from A-Z. There are a few people who have already registered and no negative comments have been made about it thus far.

    The site was just launched a couple weeks back and is "right on" when it comes to showing & teaching the basics of what you need to do and how to do it and in what order to do it in.

    There are a few people who have signed up for it already. It's a free membership at this time and I know more video content is being added to it in the near future. It's definitely worth checking out.
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