Why if I Fail in IM I am Going to Fail in Any Business

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A few years ago I had one of those Eureka Moments! A recently launched ebook was going nowhere. After one 1 week on Adwords I was losing money. Failure.

I was ready to get the next book and money making technique and try something new.

Then the flash of inspiration hit.

I had left the football field after the first drive scored no points.

It was too soon to see if this was a failure or a wild success.

I was not failing due to a bad product, i was failing due to lack of persistence and focus.

Then the eureka moment came. If I treated another business or career like I did this project, I would guarantee to fail:
=> I would have closed the restaurant after one week.
=> Given up after the first book reject.
=> Changed careers when no one bought a car from me the first couple days.

My point is that to succeed in any field you need focus and persistence. If we apply these two qualities to our projects like people do in off line business, we would likely be more successful.

The rest of the Story.

I hung in there made some changes and it pulled in $500 a month for about a year until Google ad words trippled in price.

Don't give up, unless you know truly have a lemon. Keep going and reap the benefits.
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    That's why in think and grow rich the biggest attribute to success was a burning desire. If you have a burning desire 1 setback... 10 setbacks... even a 1,000 setbacks won't stop you.

    Burning desire. That's what I always aim for.


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    Nice story and I'm glad you pulled out and realized your mistakes.

    Self analysis is very hard to come by, and just knowing that you can anallize where you went wrong is one step ahead of a lot more people.

    Frank Bruno
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      The problem for most people is that they keep getting back on the field and running the exact same plays thinking the result will somehow be different. It won't.

      The key - just as with football - is to understand the fundamentals and focus on them above all else:

      1) A product/service people actually want
      2) A means to effectively reach the people who want it
      3) The ability to effectively sell it to them

      That's it. Make it any more complicated than that and the game is lost.

      Bill Brickman
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    Einstein said "The definition of insanity is doing something the same way over and over again but expecting a different result" I split test everything! If something's not working I try to figure out why and that make changes and have another go at it.

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