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by amunt
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I am trying to create a Facebook page with html in an iframe. What I can't work out it is how you make this the main landing page, not just a tab.
Is it actually possible?
Any ideas?
Many thanks
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    not possible with new timeline changes...
    say thnx to Mark.

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      No - used to be possible, but no more. You can still create some really neat tabs using iframes though, and the good thing is, everyone is in the same boat, so it will be interesting to see how inventive people can be..
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        You can't set the landing page with the new FB timeline but you can direct traffic to what ever tab you want. Just copy the url in your browser and link to that. Now, when someone clicks on the link, they won't be taken to your "home" timeline page, they'll be taken to the tab you selected.

        Jason Anderson
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