Best paid targeted traffic sources that worked for you?

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Hey guys,

I wanted to ask you for the best paid targeted trafic sources that worked for you?
i know that AdWords is one and it's pretty good but do you use other sources that provide targeted traffic?

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    It depends on what you are marketing, FaceBook can be a good option. I like solo ads using responsive lists, definitely one of the best ways to go.
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    Mine has been soloads.

    A soload is simply an endorsement of your product by someone else who already owns a big list, in exchange for a fee. Some of them can actually send you up to 3000 targeted people, and if your offer is great, you can easily get a list of 1200 – 1500 people overnight. And if you’ve added one-time offers, you’ll recover some of your costs instantly.

    I highly recommend this for everyone wishing to fasttrack his success.

    To your success,


    Looking for high quality solo ad traffic? 200-2000 clicks available/day. Testimonials here. PM me

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      Do you know any good soload directories?

      Originally Posted by Dann Vicker View Post

      Mine has been soloads.

      A soload is simply an endorsement of your product by someone else who already owns a big list, in exchange for a fee. Some of them can actually send you up to 3000 targeted people, and if your offer is great, you can easily get a list of 1200 - 1500 people overnight. And if you've added one-time offers, you'll recover some of your costs instantly.

      I highly recommend this for everyone wishing to fasttrack his success.

      To your success,

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        Originally Posted by jerzykaz View Post

        Do you know any good soload directories?
        I like Lots of great sellers that will answer your questions.

        Learn the secrets of FREE traffic to your blog or website for life

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    If you want to do targeted then you need to do your reseach on sites or lists that you want to use. As for directory's a simple google search will give you lots.

    Here is a resouce that I use for finding out if a site has enough traffic to put banners on.

    Home | Compete

    I hope that this helps.

    Your Friend in Internet Marketing
    Ken Somerville
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    This is how I've been working with paid traffic:

    1. SoloAds: This has helped my IM list significantly.

    2. PlentyOfFish ads: Very good for dating and weight loss offers

    3. Facebook ads: This has helped with other niches for me like Forex systems.
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    We work with other private networks for targeted traffic. It really depends on what kind of conversion you are looking at and what the purpose is for the traffic. Some of our clients just need to have the traffic to boost the Alexa ranking, then just go ahead and purchase the traffic from reputable sources like PlantyOfFish or even Adwords. Otherwise for immediate conversion to cash then promote your links via twitter is so far the best results we have got. Although there are many steps to take for various purposes.
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    1. Solo Ads
    2. PPC
    3. Facebook Ads
    4. Banners
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    Basically Solo Ads and PPC.

    Solo ads are mainly used for building your list, it's when you pay a list owner to send
    your offer to their list for a fee. You buy "clicks" and the seller guarantees to send a
    certain amount of clicks to your offer. Here is a good directory that rates solo ad
    sellers: Reed Floren's Solo Ad Directory

    With PPC you have to be very careful and know what you are doing, cause if not,
    you can lose lot of money and not achieve anything. I advise all the newcomers to
    start with free traffic sources and when things start to roll and get to know how
    things works, to experiment with paid on a smaller scale.
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    solo ads have worked great for me

    ive not even bothered trying any other forms of paid traffic because my solo ad campaigns have proven to be so profitable i have no need to use any other paid method and not only that with my solo ad resources i have enough traffic to build my list to 100k plus so the traffic is pretty much on permanant supply

    im a firm beliver in if something is working for you why change

    its not like free traffic methods where you need fresh leads every day because your trying to make 1 off sales

    with list building once i have a good amount of subs i will have a great leveraging tool that i can use

    i may try out other paid traffic methods at some stage but for now solo ads for me are pure gold :- (shouldnt really be saying that here lol)

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      why not say it here?
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    thank you guys for this valuable info. I used Adwords and Facebook Ads for paid traffic but I will expand my paid traffic with others that you mentioned here.

    I will give them a try
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    You can also purchase some targeted traffic from those traffic sellers.

    However if your money is tight then go with Twitter traffic..
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    Facebook Ads work Good in my case.
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      Originally Posted by renukoot View Post

      Facebook Ads work Good in my case.
      What is your ROI? I am looking into this as well, thanks.
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    I do alot of stuff with facebook ads, as well as good luck

    Too lazy to write something clever here, so check out my marketing blog and learn from a REAL Super Affiliate at

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    i think if you want to get some traffic for your business you should use
    Buy Ads | BuySellAds
    chose a cheap site and advertise there
    make sure to see the details for the site
    hope this help you
    best regards.
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    Solo Ads have always worked pretty well for me. I've also used a number of Banner Ad Networks in the past as well.
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    What kind of ROI do you guys get on your advertising?
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    Best paid traffic that works for me:

    1. Google Display Network (not the Search Network)
    2. Solo Ads (for list building)
    3. BuySellAds
    4. Kontera
    5. CPX Interactive
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      I second Google's content network... very under rated traffic source. Google does a pretty good job making sure your offer goes onto a relevant page.

      Facebook delivers a ton of impressions, but CTR and conversions are not all that great for my products.

      The big marketers all use some kind of media buys... where they buy traffic in huge amounts.

      I personally like to find related sites that complement my market, and I find those with large lists, and I ask them to send out solo ads for 50% of the proceeds.

      This works well...
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        Consider also offline advertising such as niche-relevant magazines and newspapers. Many of these publications have online components and are very cost-effective for targeting buyers largely overlooked by online marketers. Small display ads or even classified ads in offline publications, particularly around holidays and major events (such as the Olympics), can bring hordes of consumers with credit cards in hand.
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      @Elexmedia or anyone that has experience with this: Besides Google, Bing and Yahoo are there sites that you can recommend that are great in local traffic? Has any one tried Pocketcents?
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    There are TONS and TONS of media ad
    companies out there. You need to just
    try and take a look into them.

    I like Bing personally, they are more
    relaxed as compared to Adwords,
    which can be a pain in the neck, and
    sometimes a blow to the stomach.

    Winston Tian

    The Beginner's Doctor

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    I use Revisitors. They do deliver real traffic. They have lots of plans you can choose from.
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      Originally Posted by ceenote100 View Post

      I use Revisitors. They do deliver real traffic. They have lots of plans you can choose from.
      hey, what type of results have you seen from Revisitors?
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        Any traffic source that you can monetize and make a profit is a good traffic source.

        Just because one person is profitable on a traffic source doesn't mean you will be. You need to test.

        There are several good suggestions in this thread, but you need to look at what your goals are. If the traffic source is not easily scalable or so may be shooting yourself in the foot later. The worst feeling in the world is making big money on a traffic source only for your account to be banned for no damn reason..
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    1) Microsoft Adcenter.

    2) Advertising on high traffic blogs (check the blog directories for these).

    3) Using Google's content/display network to advertise on niche-specific sites... the equal to running ads on high traffic websites
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    Google Content Network, and direct banner buys.
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    Guys thanks. I have enough info now to get more local traffic. I'll do the Google banner ads; direct banner buys; safeswaps; soloads. I'm moving away from Google as fast as I can in terms of SEO and PPC. They treat Immers like $@Q%%. I hope they die fast. Oh and they hated SEO so much their search results are more crappier than ever.
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    learned a lots from this thread! thanks Warriors I personally used solos for list building and facebook ads are effective too.

    But just as William said, it also depends what you are marketing.
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    There are several methods available to get targeted paid traffic. There are several sites who offer such services. Facebook ads are very effective. The better idea is to get organic traffic. Besides paid traffic, you should try to have traffic from search engines. Google adwards is also a good choice.
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    Thanks, good info here
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    Good traffic sources:

    1) Niche blogs in your niche -> contact site owner directly.
    2) MSN Adcenter -> don't forget to use the free advertising coupons out there.
    3) -> cheap clicks, decent traffic.
    4) Ad swaps, sell solo and buy solo mailings at Safe-Swaps -> lots of targeted traffic and not expensive.

    That should be more than enough to get you started. Good luck
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    Mine is Facebook ads, its simple, no trick, it helps you in certain niches such as money trading. The traffic is also targeted, its guaranteed by the Facebook team.

    Something other that worth a try is solo ads, and (some people give it a try, and just get lucky)
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    I might be controversial to say this but I love using banner ads. They still works.

    And I use Facebook Ads as well to drive traffic and build a fan base of 40K people around my niche.

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    I don't do much paid advertising anymore, but when I did- Adwords converted like gangbusters
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    These methods works very well for me..

    1. Facebook Ads

    Facebook is definitely a source from where you can begin to bring paid traffic to your site. I personally use Facebook ads to drive traffic to the Facebook fan page, and then derive traffic from those fans.

    The above said system works great for me but you definitely need to take care that your Facebook fan page is engaging enough to impress the newly arrived person.

    2. LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is a network of professionals or you can say business minded people so it can be the best source of traffic if you are trying to sell a service to the people coming to your landing page.

    LinkedIn ads gives you two options regarding how you pay to them. One is the pay per click and other one is the cost per million impressions.
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    Originally Posted by butterballs8 View Post is a good one. Real targeted traffic from real visitors.
    1) why are your promoting your signature link. hahah.

    2) No these are bot traffic.

    3) Other warriors have complained about your service.

    Great post but! hahahahahhahah!:p:p:p
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    The very, very best paid advertising by far has been promoting Facebook posts.

    Also promoting a Facebook page to get page likes works really well.

    This is the only paid advertising I do for my danosongs free royalty free music website.

    Plus it can be really, really cheap for international traffic! Allot of people in India and Malaysia are huge music fans so it works awesome.

    I have tried AdWords allot and I just feel like my cash disappears into a hole.

    Also, twitter ads turned out to be really expensive just to get a single follower - really lame and I don't do it.

    With Facebook it is amazing to see real people liking your posts and page.
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    It all depends who you're targeting.

    Ask yourself a few questions; first of which "who am I trying to reach".

    Only then Can you ask "How can I reach them?"

    Food for thought.

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    • Profile picture of the author sshh
      good information, i am learning from you on how to build a list.

      what make you choose your niche?
      you choose a niche, lets say dating, how you get your subcribers meaning what you offer them when using solo ads?

      can you give an example link for ad promoted with solo just for subscribers?

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  • Profile picture of the author TravisO
    I post on top classifieds ads and listings websites. That includes locally and internationally. Paid versions are sometimes best but sometimes it's a practical not to pay with those classifieds ads or listings websites.
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  • Profile picture of the author Kaden44
    I actually use a number of ways firstly creating solo ads is a very good technique, also ads on craigslist does draw in alot of traffic especially when posting your ad in the marketing section. I also advertise from 'Free Advertising Network'...creating banners, coupons etc...
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    • Profile picture of the author PazG
      Solo Ads - still use them to great effect, but for me they have taken on a more of a 'testing' capacity. Unfortunately, I have seen a downward spiral in regards to the general quality of solo ads. Quality sellers are becoming a rare species, I tend to stick with a handful of sellers that I trust.

      Banner Ads - Once you get your campaigns right, this can be some of the best and cheapest targeted traffic. Love it!

      Endorsed Mailings - I've been paying around with this recently and it is quite possibly the best and most profitable type of traffic that I have used. I'm pretty sure that the big boys must use this alot. Be sure to get your demographic targeting right, use a good list broker and you can make a killing with this.


      Paz G

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    Facebook used to work pretty well.. Cheap with lots of traffic. But conversion wise... not too sure
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    I don't think there's such thing as free traffic sources, not if you value your time, because even if you create videos, write articles, etc.... that still takes time, and time is money, with that being said the best paid traffic source I've ever known is organic search (seo), it still is the best ROI I've seen and I've tried a lot of traffic'll never be able to convert better than to somebody who's actually looking for your product oppose to shoving a "buy me too" ad in somebody's face....
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    Paid posting can be a good source of traffic to you. What all you need to find out is high traffic blog which serves your interests.
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    50 different checks, SNMP monitoring and much more.
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    PPC would be your best bet depending on your budget.

    Organize Toll-Free Conference Call with Onconference

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    My favorite type of traffic is solo ads.
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    Forum ads can be killer, especially in niches that aren't marketing savvy.

    A monthly ad or stickied post on a large niche forum can be surprisingly inexpensive, and can result in a lot of activity.
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    Best way to post on classified ads, it will bring good traffic.
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    The best network is FB i have been using it for over 6months hardcore and now and with the new changes they have made with targeting, behavior and retargetting option you can tap into buyers traffic (active and engaged), this is more advanced than if you are just running a few ads. Best thing is you also get a dedicated rep when you start doing high volume business who tells you all the latest updates and way to best to promote on their network, since then i have never had issues posting direct links or not getting approved once you know their system.

    ps dont get sucked in to think buy getting facebook traffic at 1 cent is going to be quality, or convert - conversion will suffer and its a waste of money, unless you simply want to build a big fan page.

    so Facebook thumbs up
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    Facebook is very good . You can specify your targeting very well
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    Originally Posted by jerzykaz View Post

    I wanted to ask you for the best paid targeted trafic sources that worked for you?
    You just can't go wrong with FB ads.

    Really like how they allow you to dive deep into their targeting that they give you.

    There's plenty of products out there that can help you get going with Fb ads, as well
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    Personally I like Facebook and Google Adwords ... both PPC


    1) You can switch on/off quickly.
    2) Successful campaigns can be scaled quickly.
    3) With proper tracking you can monitor EPC
    4) When it works you literally have a licence to print MONAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY

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    I love Adwords & Facebook

    Both provide instant results and once mastered can generate a steady flow of quality leads and sales.

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    I work with google adwords for run affiliate campaing in there. if you want more info send me a private msj
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    Online Business The Right Way
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    Definitely our affiliate program.
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