Redirecting a GoDaddy registered domain to .weebly domain - how to do it?

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If any one has the answer to this please let me know how and if it is possible.

Thank you.

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    Log into your Godaddy account and click on 'MY ACCOUNT" then "DOMAINS" then click "LAUNCH" for the domain that you want to forward. Then click on "FORWARD" and "SELECT DOMAIN"

    Then all you do is enter the domain that you are forwarding to and select 'OK"

    Hope This Helps
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    I'm not sure that you would want ot forward the domain name, that sounds like a redirect, which would probably end up displaying the old weebly url.

    It seems that you don't just set the name server in Godaddy's control panel as you would with a normal paid host.

    I ran across this 4 year old procedure that may have changed since then, a little research should turn up the current instructions:

    these are the instructions Weebly gives (2008):

    Follow these steps to setup a custom domain on your Weebly website:

    1. Login to your Domain Registrar account (ie. GoDaddy,, etc)

    2. Navigate to the Advanced DNS Management page. You are looking to modify the A-Record or CNAME settings, NOT name servers. Before making changes, take note of the existing settings just in case you want to revert back.

    3. Option A: Setup an A Record
    - Point the root of the domain to Weebly's IP address: ""

    Option B: Setup a CNAME Record
    - Set the host name (alias) to "www" and set the destination (points to value) to

    It can take up to 48 hours (although usually less) for these changes to take effect. You'll know your domain is ready once it directs you to a Weebly branded 404 page.

    4. In the Weebly editor, click to the "settings" tab, and then "choose site address". Enter your domain name in Option C.

    5. Republish site

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    Well the procedure is mostly same as told by webapex, however they updated the IP address:-

    The Link is here on how to set up a domain you purchase at Godaddy on weebly:-

    GoDaddy Domain - Support Articles
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      hey all, i just did it. easy as pie.

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