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I am making a product and I need to know how i can make a page on paypal when someone who finishes the order and is transferred to another page with an download link and how can i hide it so google doesn´t find it.

and i will bring more questions in this thread i just forgot what else i was going to ask thanks for all the warriors i have been reading alot of useful information here but didn´t find this but i will be glad if somebody told me
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    when you set up your button, it will ask you what the thank you page is and the cancel page is.. and if you dont want google to find those pages, just put

    <meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow" />
    in your header tag.

    BTW, invest your time into some software to protect your downloads. Or you'll have others passing on the members / download url.
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      do you have any suggestion of an software to use ?
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        Originally Posted by falkinn View Post

        do you have any suggestion of an software to use ?
        Hi, you needs a software that integrated with paypal + protect your downloads.

        Simple metatags won't work futher down the road for secure protection.

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        easy member pro (google it)

        Originally Posted by falkinn View Post

        do you have any suggestion of an software to use ?
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    Hi Saevar,

    I'm Sam Stephens, the owner/developer of DLGuard:

    DLGuard - Download page protector, create expiring download links

    DLGuard is designed to do exactly what you want - protect your download page and download links without making your customers jumpt through unnessessary hoops.

    Basically you just add your product details to DLGuard, and DLGuard gives you a sales link to paste onto your sales page.

    And that's all there is to it - after purchase, the customer is transfered instantly to a unique, secure download page - no need to make your customer login or enter extra details.

    It's much more streamlined, and so easier for you and your customers.

    Let me know if you have any questions about it, I'm happy to help!

    DLGuard v5 - The Warrior Edition
    Full integration with JVZoo, DigiResults, and WSO Pro for secure WSO's and WSO memberships.
    Serving the Warrior Forum since 2004
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      Hey Sam, I think your product is good et al, but I'm having to remove it cos someone found an hole in your script and hacked my site and removed all the files from my server. And the security on my server is up to the hilt (cisco systems and all that jazz)... Pls don't say it's passwords, cos it wasn't, my web host found out how they got in.
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