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Hi folks,

I need to set up an email list for my past freelance clients, and for potential future clients, to keep them up to date with news and offers, and basically to make sure I keep reminding them that I exist.

I have a main freelance site, and I have a site dedicated to the more specialist area I write in. Should I have sign-up boxes on both sites for one central list, or should I have separate lists for the main site and the specialist site?

One list would obviously be easier to manage, but two would be more targeted. Does anyone have any experience in doing one or the other, and have any advice?

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    It's better to have multiple tightly-focused lists so
    that your e-mails are more targeted and relevant.

    Yes, it takes a little bit of extra work but the higher
    response rates are worth it.

    At a minimum, have a prospect list and a buyer list.

    It's also easier to write e-mails when you're clearer on
    exactly who you're writing to.

    Dedicated to mutual success,



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    Hi Philippa,

    In general, the more you can segregate lists, right from when you start, the better. When you compare "separate lists" with "a joint list", in almost any context at all, you're looking at all the advantages on one side, and all the disadvantages on the other.

    (If you end up with some people on more than one list, even that isn't a problem, since the main autoresponder companies can easily and routinely deal with sending a message to 2+ lists but ensuring that nobody gets 2 copies of it.)

    If you possibly can, I'd say to keep separate lists.

    And I'll actually be really surprised if anyone with multiple lists advises otherwise, here.
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    Definitely go with highly targeted multiple lists. It is the best way for you to speak directly with that particular market and build a relationship with them.

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    Thanks both, your replies make a lot of sense, and are much appreciated.
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    Thanks Abby too, it looks like everyone's recommending the same thing!
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