What makes a good domain name?

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I'm working on an eBook and I am trying to come up with a good domain name.

I did some research on Sitepoint and came across a domain auction which included this line in the description;

"Clearly, this is a very memorable, brandable domain name!"

My question is; what makes a domain name memorable and brandable?

Thanks for any advice.

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    Surely the fact that your chief keywords are in it. And the fact that they take care of some traffic.

    Of course 'forexmachine.com' is better than 'easyforextradingmachine.com', but the last one might give you some more targeted traffic.

    Yours, targetedly, Ed

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      Brandability is different from memorability.

      Most people know dell.com - it is an example for bandability and memorability.
      If they register a name like 'customized-computers-dell.com', it is neither.

      Go with a simple and easy to remember domain name. Branding? You can use a company logo if you want for branding your site and product.

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    Domain names are easy.

    Think of your own brand name. If it's GOWIZZLE (very poorly thought of I know..) use it.

    Next, link it up with the niche your diving into. If it's marketing, call it gowizzlemarketing.com

    Hope that helps.
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    I guess it depends if you are going for SEO benefits and looking for a niche, or if you truly have a project in mind that you want to brand, make unique and call your own.

    A catchy name, not too long is good for branding. There's been a trend for names like Meebo, Yoono, Kaboodle. (Sometimes I think these startups have a baby on payroll and they name their sites from the sounds that the baby makes.)

    But I do like catchy, easy to type names.

    Taking two words and putting them together to form a concept can work. I came up with a domain that I registered a couple of years ago. I wanted to use it for electronic & computer product reviews. So I came up with ElectroEdge.com. It was available so I scooped it up.

    I also had an idea for a site where I could promote schools and training for alternative and holistic medicine, acupuncture, that sort of thing. So I combined the first part of "Acupuncture" with the overall goal of the website. This formed AcuFuture.

    The formula for this I suppose is:
    First part of the word that describes niche or subject.
    One easy word that describes the goal or benefit the site provides.

    Of course neither of those domains did any good for me because I had no idea how to get traffic or conversions. (This is why I am on WF now learning and re-strategizing.)

    But I thought I'd throw my 2 cents. Maybe it will give someone an idea or two.
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    Try to make your domain name say exactly what your product or website offers.

    EasyWebVid.com is an example of that.

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      I would say if you could see the domain advertised on TV, hear it on the radio, or see it on a billboard, and still remember it by the time you get to your computer (without writing it down), then that is a good domain name.

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    Seems to me that if you're setting up the domain specifically to promote your ebook the obvious choice would be to give it the name of your ebook. That would work well for branding, SEO, etc. - if it's not too long of a book title that is!
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      Another tip. Try to search on google whether any other competitors share the same title.
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    I prefer both but if a combination of brandable and memorable domain isn't available, then i will go for memorable cos if your domain is not memorable then having keywords won't help you.
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    Branding is very important, I agree with the posts, above, if a good memorable domain is not available try to find different variants, mix words.

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    Use Federal Express as your standard, ask: How quickly does the domain name convey what your ebook is about?
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    Lots of good info here.

    Depending on the purpose of the site, my suggestions would differ, but some rules of thumb:

    Make your top keyword + .com your domain. If the top keyword you're targeting is "buy blue widgets" your domain should be "buybluewidgets.com". Google will give you an exact domain match bonus in ranking you for that keyword.

    Don't use dashes.

    Get a .com domain only.

    Since you said this domain is for an ebook, I'd say 99.9% chance that your domain should be your ebook title + .com.
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    Your domain name should be exactly or as close as possible to what your product or website offers.

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    I wouldn't bother choosing a domain name with the search engines in mind because comparitively speaking that makes little difference and your customers are more important than Google. Right? When choosing a good domain name a couple of things to keep in mind are 1) Benefits and 2) Repetitive sound. For instance the domain name "DoubleYourDating" includes both of these characteristics.

    You can learn more about naming products and domain names by watching the following video. (1:20 mark.) youtube.com/watch?v=blTOv3oXdbk&feature=related
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    Good advice above...

    If you go the seo route, you can also consider:

    my_ebook_name.MYSITE.com for example. The brand = MYSITE, with the ebook name as a subset that helps with seo.

    Then when you link back to lessons, extra tips, etc. they will return to MYSITE for example, where you may promote more products, membership, etc.

    All-the-while, MYSITE remains your brand.

    Hope that helps.

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    If you're going for memorable, colors make names very memorable for some psychological reason. So green apple, red frog, yellow truck etc. are examples of phrases that people would remember just from seeing once.
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    another important thing is the page design, view the djk's site, and the most of the newest products, and you can see that all of they got a great even amazing design~~~this can help you make your domain or product name popular~~~~

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    Seems to me that there are two main roads you can take on this one. First, you could simply use your domain name to indicate exactly what you're marketing (e.g., bearattacksguide.com). This gives browsers the clearest indication of your content, while helping to snag those searching for info specific to your content.
    Your other main approach would be to come up with a catchy, memorable name (probably another made up word in the same vane as Google, Squidoo, etc.). This will certainly place much more emphasis on the relevance of your content, subtitles, etc., to bring the traffic in. The marketing may also be more difficult, initially, depending on the topic and the domain name selected. Once the catchy name and slick, memorable logo (a must for this approach) catch on, it will be easier to maintain your marketing momentum.
    I guess the short answer is that there is no such thing as an all-encompassing "memorable, brandable" domain name. It depends on your content and your big picture purpose for your site and ebook.
    Best of luck. Send us the link when you've made the decision and the site's up.

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    I nearly always try to put keywords in my domains, and make it as clear as possible what content you can expect from them. It helps to keep things simple.

    I once heard an IMer (who's name escapes me) say that research shows domains with 7 characters do better in SERPs than those that are either longer or shorter.

    I don't know about that but it makes sense to keep them shorter as well if you can...

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    Hi to everyone who has taken the time to answer my question.

    Some very helpful advice here.

    Many, many thanks, I now feel like a 'domain name expert'!
    http://stuart-turnbull.com - NOT your run of the mill marketer
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    Put your best keywords in it, Don't make it too long, no more than 3 or 4 words.
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    I think you should name it similar to what your ebook is about.
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    Would definitely agree that an easy to remember domain name with a targeted keyword in it probably the most profitable domain name. I nearly always try to put keywords in my domains, which makes it very clear what content a visitor can expect when they click there. It helps to keep things simple, direct and to the point. This generally results in a higher rate of conversion as well! Hope this helps!
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      find something that really connected with ur ebook topic and with a true earning amount.... such as: $40 for 10 minutes easy work, or something else...
      God bless us all!
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    Make it relative to your product, as short and catchy as you can and strong
    keyword(s) within it will always help
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    Why don't you plug the name into DN Sale Price- Domain Name Sales Price and History and see what prior sales tell you. Comparable sales work great in deciding price.



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