Email Marketing Campaign - Managing Your Own?

by joshinaustin 2 replies
* Feedback from expert email marketers preferred*

By managing my own email marketing campaign.. I mean purchasing/subscribing to email marketing software, uploading my own lists, and doing it all myself.

Anyone else that does this.. How does it work for you? Downsides? Upsides? Any tips would be great. To-do's, not to do's.... all feedback welcome!
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    Uploading your own list can always be a trouble at any case, using a service provider like aweber or your own email marketing system. You may risk losing a % of the list members when you "upload them"

    Ive not tried but i suggest creating a single optin list and uploading your own list can help retaining these old members, who are moved from one system to other...

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    I was planning on buying like 100M email addresses.. so if I lose a few that's fine with me.. not sure where to even start, or if this is even feasible. That's why I wanted some feedback from other email marketers. I have a lot of clients who are always asking about email marketing/generating leads through email. I'm always skeptical because email blasts cost a lot of money, and I don't want to jeopardize their SEO business because an email blast didn't work out like we expected it to, and wasted $5k. But if I can put together a program myself, and offer this as a service at a much lower cost.. it may make sense.
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