Do you recommend wordpress, joomla or anything else?

by bross
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I`m building a website where people will be able to read through different kind of topics and some articles will have just the introduction. You`ll be able to read the whole article, if you pay.

So I need a little advice whether I should use wordpress or joomla for this or something else? Also, are there any good plugins to do that or will I have to do programming myself?

Tnx a lot
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    Hey mate wordpress is definitely the go. I know there is a basic wordpress setting that allows you to only show a little bit of the article. But as for paying before they read i am not quite sure.
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    I would say WP as well. And as for the pay to read. You can check out to see, but I would do it myself. As a lot of plugin's are being hacked, and you don't want that kind of thing happening to you.

    Hope this helps.

    Your Friend in Internet Marketing
    Ken Somerville
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    I suggest use wordpress.
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    WordPress all the way! there are too many reasons why WP is the way to go

    Powerful Internet MarketingPowerful Internet Maketing

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    WP definitelly.. you'll realise why if you decide to go with it

    Best wishes!
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    I've used both.. Wordpress and Joomla (which is a bit unusual for a writer, I know).. and the learning curve is much steeper on Joomla.l but if you are looking for specific functionality.. check the Wordpress Codex, which you can get to on-line and check the Joomla forums/documentation as well.. if your are comfortable regardless of the learning curve, then pick the one that has the best functionality for you. You might want to keep in mind that Wordpress is the "in" platform at the moment, and probably has more on-line documentation and support. The only way I know of to do what you are saying on Wordpress is to public post a partial of the article.. then pushing a button will redirect to a secure page with the whole post. With some imagination on how you structure the flow, it probably can be done.
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    Hear it is. Wordpress just like automatic software that anything you ask him to he does. Nothing seems impossible for wordpress to do. Use wordpress for most of my site and my client site as well. So if i were you i will go for wordpress.
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    Im tired of repeating myself in these threads, so I will just copy and paste my detailed response from another thread.

    Wordpress is a blogging platform at heart, even if it can be used as an entire website.

    Now, here is my reasoning for why I dislike using wordpress for most websites we design. Yes, it can be used for websites, yes it can be customized, but in comparison between wordpress, joomla, and drupal... wordpress has a certain look that we just don't like. It isn't because it can't be professional, it is because it just isn't as complete and robust as other options out of the box.

    I think why most people say wordpress is the best, is because they don't know any better. How many of you have used the major CMS's? Common belief is their learning curve is too large. That may be true, but don't knock it until you learn it. Joomla is more robust than wordpress and can do fantastic things if you just learn to use it. Drupal is more complete than joomla, even though joomla has more plugins and extensions.

    Now before everyone thinks I'm just here to start trouble in the CMS battles, that isn't the case. I always get involved in these threads over at the Joomla forums too. Drupal is better than Joomla in many aspects. Magento is better than all 3 when it comes to an ecommerce website.

    Just because one is easier to learn, and they have 30 different plugins for each thing you can want, doesn't mean it is the most complete solution out there. Wordpress is great for beginners, and for those who just want to get a quick site up there. I have used wordpress for hundreds and hundreds of sites. When a client wants a wordpress site, it usually costs less because wordpress is really lesser quality, and there is less work to be done. For internet marketers, I think wordpress is a good solution. For corporations, wordpress isn't typically ideal for them.

    Ultimately, what it comes down to is use what you are most comfortable with. A real programmer can turn any CMS into a beast. Usually they will use a CMS with a better core than wordpress, but not always. I don't want this to turn into a big wordpress war because I'm clearly outnumbered here LOL. The reality is that different CMS's are good for different things. Think of it like a plumber... a plumber sometimes will need different tools for different jobs, there isn't a tool you can complete every single job with. The same goes for web design. Out of the box, they all have different uses. For those offering web design, I would suggest learning Joomla and Drupal, as you can triple the money you make off clients. Joomla and Drupal websites typically go for more money.

    So what would I choose....

    Wordpress for a blog
    Wordpress for MFA sites
    Wordpress for a lower key client
    Joomla for a regular client
    Joomla for directories
    Joomla for low key social networks
    Joomla for news and magazine sites
    Drupal for corporations
    Drupal for membership sites(even though Joomla can also be used well)
    Drupal for sites needing higher security
    Drupal for high profile websites
    Magento for full Ecommerce Websites
    Prestashop for low key ecommerce websites
    Joomla with Virtuemart for low to mid quality ecommerce
    Dolphin for mid grade social network websites
    Build a custom CMS for the ones that can send a ton of money

    As you can see there are many options. If you are just beginning but you have a client that wants a membership site and all you know how to use is wordpress, then use wordpress. No shame in that. As you grow, and expand your knowledge you will notice that other platforms are better for different projects.
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    I've been back and forth between Joomla and WordPress for a couple years now and have sites running on both platforms. With this in mind I am now building all new sites solely in WordPress.

    My opinion is that Joomla is more powerful in terms of how you display your content but it is much more time consuming and has a very steep learning curve.

    Wordpress has much less of a learning curve and can do allot of Joomla can do but do it with less work.

    Neither will be the perfect platform for every site. Best thing for you to do is take some time and set up a test site with each and see what each offers. That way you can make a decision of how YOU feel about what each offers
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    If you choose Wordpress, a great plugin to block partial content from non-paying members is WP Member Champ. I have it and it's real easy to use. WP Member Champ | Best Membership Site Plugin
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    definitely wordpress...
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