Question on Amember With Word Press

by MikeHumphreys 12 replies
Hey Warriors,

Do you know if you can have more than one WordPress blog on a site protected by the Amember plug-in?

I tried to find the info in their online docs and couldn't.


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    Hi Mike,

    I don't know for sure as I haven't used it, but I would recommend contacting their support / posting on their forums as they are usually very quick at responding to queries.

    All the best

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      If you search their forums you will probably find your answer. If not, Alex is pretty good and responding to inquiries.

      Frank Bruno
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        you're not understanding how amember works, thats why.

        it just protects a specific folder, so anything you put in that folder gets protected.

        blog, site, videos, audios etc.

        as long as its inside the folder you're protecting you're good to go. :-)

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        Hi Mike,

        when you said "more than one WordPress blog on a site protected by the Amember plug-in" did you mean with multiple installations or one installation with multiple channels in?


        Just learnt more about the program so edited this post a touch...
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          Like Jeff says, it would help to clarify the question.

          If you just want to have multiple WP blogs and have amember control who can view them, you can do that without needing a plugin- amember will control access to any type of content in the protected folder(s) you set up.

          If you want the members' usernames and passwords to be set up for them in each of those WP blogs, then I don't know if the plugin handles that. It seems like it would have to be coded to transfer a person to each WP blog, so unless the programmer considered the multiple blogs scenario, it might not do it.

          The amember people are pretty good about getting back to you.

          If the plugin doesn't handle multiple blogs, you could hire a programmer or the amember team to modify it.

          I'm a little curious why one membership site would need multiple blogs.
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            If you dont care about comments or users being logged into each blog, then you can.
            -In other words, each blog has content and is on its own amember protected directory.
            -the amember sidebar widget included with the plugin won't display the user name in this setup, but my more recent versions will.

            If you are trying to have amember pass the member info to multiple blogs- this won't work. The plugin only works on 1 blog. So the other blogs wont get this info. You would need to create multiple plugins to do this.

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