Where do i find a free gift?

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Hello friends I hear that the best way to make money online is building a nice squeeze page and building a list with a free gift to give out, But how to i get a free gift? Am i suppose to make a ebook or something? I dont know how to make a Ebook yet:confused:
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    Instead of looking for a free gift, write a short 2000 word report with the best possible content you can offer and offer it in exchange for an email.

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    If you don't want to write it yourself.. Hire a ghostwriter to do it for you...
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    Originally Posted by nitrojeff View Post

    Hello friends I hear that the best way to make money online is building a nice squeeze page and building a list with a free gift to give out, But how to i get a free gift? Am i suppose to make a ebook or something? I dont know how to make a Ebook yet:confused:
    You can buy PLR material and use that but the good thing about creating the free gift yourself is that it's unique to your website and offer.
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    First things first, you want to find a potentially profitable niche. One of the best ways to do that is start with something you're interested in and see if there is a potential market for your information.
    How do you do that?
    Check things like Amazon.com's best sellers. Check eBay. Look for "for dummies" or "complete idiot's guide" books to see if they cover your topic. See if there are magazines dedicated to your topic. These are all good indicators it's a profitable niche.
    Once you've got a niche, you want to find something to promote to that niche. Clickbank and Amazon are good spots to start. There are many, many more, but I'm keeping it simple. It's especially good if you can find a solution to a problem.
    Got your product? Good. Set it aside for the moment, we're going to look at list building. You'll need an autoresponder aweber and get response are the industry standard, but there are other alternatives (like listwire, which is free). You want to create a series of messages that give useful information on your topic, and build trust. Let your prospects know when to expect your next message, so they can look for it and hopefully open it. Remember that product we wanted to promote? after you've built some trust, now is the time to refer them to it. Don't be pushy, people don't like that.
    Got some kind of autoresponder series in place? Great!
    Now let's look at that free report. Most warriors will probably agree that it's better you have something unique to offer people in exchange for their email. If you picked a niche you're interested in, you probably already know enough to create it yourself. You can always outsource it if you don't want to do it yourself, but remember it costs money to outsource.
    Whether you're making an ebook or a report, the accepted standard is pdf format, because almost everybody has a way of opening that. If you don't know how to create a pdf, you can create it in another format like a doc file, but you'll want to convert it to pdf. There are a number of free tools online to convert, or you can make your life easier and install an alternative to Microsoft office like open office which can save files as pdfs.
    Now it's time to make a squeeze page. It doesn't have to be fancy, the main thing you want is a way for them to sign up for your autoresponder series. When they sign up, you have the choice of either directing them directly to the download page for your free gift (including free affiliate products, of course), or putting the free gift link in the first message of your autoresponder series. Either way, you want to under promise and over deliver. Let them be surprised by your generosity. You want to have benefits rather than features on your squeeze page.
    Now the hard part, getting traffic to your squeeze page. There are numerous way to do this. If you choose to pay for traffic, it can be quick, but it may not be as targeted as "organic" traffic. (WARNING: Paid traffic can get very expensive very quickly.) You can do article marketing, writing articles and having a link to your squeeze page in the author box. You can blog about your topic and have a link to your squeeze page on the blog. The possibilities are limited to your imagination.
    Those are the basics. I hope this is helpful.

    Jim Waller
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    I tried writing up a free ebook but eventually realized it was infinitely easier to just buy something PLR based and fix it up a bit.
    Why waste your time hiring a cheap writer? Cheap writers don't write stuff that converts!

    Get the conversions you need and deserve with my professional, viral writing services.

    Free SEO included at no additional charge!
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    Its easy to create a free ebook. Write it in Word and convert to pdf with this free pdf converter: PDF Converter - Convert to PDF Online Free

    That's all you need.
    FREE Squeeze Page Guide: - A How To Guide Including Setup, Resources, & Google Adwords

    Squeeze Page Software & Hosting - Instantly setup effective & unlimited pages.

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    Originally Posted by nitrojeff View Post

    Hello friends I hear that the best way to make money online is building a nice squeeze page and building a list with a free gift to give out, But how to i get a free gift? Am i suppose to make a ebook or something? I dont know how to make a Ebook yet:confused:
    This is a pretty easy fix. My first suggestion would be to go to a place such as Resell Rights Weekly :: Free Private Label Rights Products and get a ton of free material. (P.S. I'm not an affiliate, so I'm not making any extra money for this recommendation. The site is just that good).

    I suggest you check it out. If you need further recommendations, please contact bob@bobmooremarketing.com for additional help.

    To your success,

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    Sometimes you don't even need a free gift. You can offer someone a 10-part email course, and they will subscribe. Just make sure to mention your website in every email that you send out.
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    I think I can help you with one of my reports in exchange for a place on your thank you page. PM me if you're interested.

    Looking for high quality solo ad traffic? 200-2000 clicks available/day. Testimonials here. PM me

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    What Dann Vicker offering you is a common practice. If you think about it, he's really offering you two things. One is a free report. The other is an opportunity for your subscribers to get more information. As long as they are both in the same niche, or make sense together, why not do it?
    You wouldn't want to offer a report about dog training, and then offer a cure for nail fungus to the same list. That doesn't make sense. Offering something like dog grooming to the dog training folks, and ingrown toenail cures to the nail fungus folks might make more sense.
    Hope this helps,
    Jim Waller
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    Consider buying PLR..
    Hire a ghostwriter

    Instead of ebooks, you might want to give them coupon code etc (depending on which niche you are in, web hosting niche I'm sure you're able to get a coupon code pretty easy from hostgator)
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    Check out plrassassin.com they have loads of great material that you can gleem tips from to rewrite into your own products.
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    All fantastic suggestions here, you can't go wrong with any of it. Now all you need to do is take action.

    War Room Member

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    Yeah, if your lazy like me then go somplace like master-resale-rights and you can purchase a PLR or private lable right product and custamize it to reflect you and yoiu can give that away! A lot of those plr products include squeeze and sales pages you can use!
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    Why don't you write a simple report? It is easy, Download some reports or products from your niche and writer something on your own words based on that information.
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    PLR is what you are looking for, mate
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    Browse threw the main internet marketing discussion forum, see what kind of problems other warriors have and than use google to make a short report about the top 5 things you found. Write 1-3 pages on every subject and you have yourself a e-book...
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    PLR is decent solution when just starting out. I'm no fan of PLR, as it is generally of low quality,
    costs money and many people use the same old stuff, but it is better than nothing.

    Another option is to get a free gift created for you on freelance websites. It will be unique,
    the quality will be better, but the price will be higher, also.

    Third and best option, but the hardest one, if you are just starting, is to create it yourself.
    For people saying "just write it, it's easy", forgot how it was when they were starting
    and writing their first report.
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    1) Go to this site http://www.master-resale-rights.com/

    2) Locate products for you niche

    3) Carefully read through license and terms
    to determine if you could give them away
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    Use this "copt the best" method.

    In the niche you want to build a list find what you consider to be the best squeezepage, and reverse engineer it so that you can do something very similar.

    Also whilst PLR is great, it's not unique. Get in touch with an expert in the niche and see if you can do an interview with them, this could cost you money, but becoming an expert by association is better than just being another guy with the same PLR report.

    Overall the return you get will be from the amount of action that you take.
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    Open a website of yours own.It's a better options of getting free gift but the website should be enough qualityful.
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    I wrote a book and made it into an e-book to sell. Later I decided to give it away with affiliate links.
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    Another thing you can do is look at existing videos on your subject matter. Then, either you or an outsourcer can take existing video material and create (not copy or transcribe) written content based on the video material.

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    Enter to WAR ROOM . You will find incredible content there free . You can take a look and think about what you can do

    Thank you
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    Yes ebooks work great as a free gift, but you shouldn't be giving away an ebook unless it's your work. You can fill it with information you have learned and give it away for free. A nice little trick is to put your affiliate links throughout the ebook to try and get some sales as well. Also in my opinion PLR products make the perfect gift without all the work.

    Bored? Need a laugh? Find us on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts.
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