What are your favorite PLR sites?

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Do good PLR sites even exist?

I've been a member of several PLR sites and most of them have some solid products but many of them add too many low quality products in my opinion.

I'm looking for some reports to give away to subscribers so that they can give them away to their subscribers. I'd prefer that these reports are valuable and don't require too much modifying before giving them away.

What do you recommend as your favorite PLR site that has valuable reports with giveaway rights?
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    Uhm... most good plr sites don't have any of that, or you're allowed to remove it.

    What crazy PLR sites are you posting at?

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      I guess the first question is what do you want a plr for?

      Then people should be able to answer your question.

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        Originally Posted by chrisg942 View Post

        I guess the first question is what do you want a plr for?

        Then people should be able to answer your question.

        Hi Chris, I basically just want to give the PLR reports away to subscribers in hope that it helps them get more leads and sales.

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          There are a lot of sites with PLR on the search engines. I would sugest a place where you have to purchase the PLR. That way you shouldn't and have link filled content. If it link filled ask for your money back.

          I'm not the best person to answer this question since I don't use PLR's.

          Hopefully That helps some.
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    You can probably find some good PLR e-books from here in the WSO section. Do a search for PLR and then your niche in the search function above.
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    When you get plr ebooks then you should be getting the doc file which allows for editing. However, there are different licensing rules each author has so you need to read their readme file. For instance, some will allow unrestricted plr rights so you can also give the doc file to your buyers. Others say you cannot pass on the original document to them.

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    I think it would be very odd for the PLR content to not be rebrandable, as that is the precise nature of PLR. I know that Tiffany has quite a bit of e-books in her PLR Mini Mart, and those will be licensed for rebranding. Good luck building your e-book.
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    Debbie is right - the doc files should come with the ebook. The ebook is just a pre-packaged convenience for you since many people like to use them for give-aways, bonuses, email capture, etc.

    It doesn't make sense to me for something to be called PLR if it isn't in a form you can tear it apart easily if you want without having to retype the whole thing. Yowser - that would be a freaking headache.

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    You aren't looking at the right sites. Maybe you are looking at free sites or MRR sites, not PLR sites?

    Check out PLR Articles And Content By Tiffany Dow and you'll find quite a few good PLR reports and ebooks.
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    Try theplrstore(dot)com
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    Yes, what your talking about is a problem, a few years ago some inept marketers started loading backlinks into Free reports, and some Products, then someone got the idea that they could do that with anything, But you see PLR, which should be Private Label Rights, which means that you can take the content and produce separate but different content, Often correct all the spelling errors, and other problems with poorly written junk, sold all over the Internet, (even here)

    The thing is, if they are promoting their website with backlinks, what you have purchased is a free report, that they labeled as PLR, which is not really very nice.

    Its a nasty dirty low down skunks way of doing business, people like that don't make it long as marketers, because people tend to remember when they get ripped off, )

    Yes, there are some good websites out there, but over all, many of them are over sold, so much so that by the time they offer PLR if that is what it is, (you never know these days) then everyone already has a copy of it and most of the time, your just sitting there with junk everyone else already has, which is why it never sells.

    Best Advice I can offer you is to either develop your own content or pay someone to do it for you, that way what you have is unique and there are not 10,000 other people running around with the same thing as you have.

    Its a problem, one that some warriors are actively working to correct.
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    99.9% of PLR sucks ass. The only one I can recommend so far is Tiffany Dow's stuff. I haven't tried every PLR source out there, but Tiffany's is good enough that I've stopped the search there.
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  • Originally Posted by Victøry View Post

    I have been to several PLR/MRR websites and it seems like every sites ebooks are loaded with links that promote their site. Their site name is all over the book and I don't want that. Are their any PLR ebook sites where I can just do whatever I want with the book and take their sites name off of it? I want to use PLR ebooks/articles for blog content and also to add some stuff to my ebooks that I have written just to add a few more pages.


    We had the same problem so, in the end, the only thing my partner and I could do was to start writing our own PLR material - ebooks predominantly.

    Having been totally disappointed with the quality of the PLR material available out there, we set down and have now produced a number eBooks - initially on gardening (a Collection of 10 eBooks).....we are now moving on to dating and relationships: 2 produced already.

    These are TOTALLY FRESH eBOOKS - no links in any of these. Not quite true; there were a couple of links in our first eBook but none since.

    Over the next few weeks/moths we are producing more eBooks: wealth secrets, working from home, fitness and health, yoga and meditation, self development, motivation, romance and weddings, etc. The list is not finalised.

    We have now set this up as an eBook Club, where we deliver 4 new ebooks a month to our customers/members.

    If you want to check it out, there is a Warrior Special Offer under my user name Sorcerers Apprentice
    PLR: HOW TO MAKE $00000s ONLINE with Brand New Original eBooks. Exclusive Monthly Service

    Or if you want to check it out at the website:
    Book Club Offer | Niche Supremacy PLR

    This should give you what you want.
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