I "launched" it....Now what?

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I have just "Launched" my new eBook.

Why is Launched in quotes?? Well, because I have the website set-up and I have the affiliate program set-up through JVZoo, but now what?

I am pretty new to the selling an eBook thing and fairly new to IM in general, so I don't have a list to promote to. I have been around the whole internet thing for a long time. I have studied what you should do and what you can do and have kept kicking the can down the road. Finally, I have decided to just do something!

I could do PPC, just trying to figure out the best place and the spend.

I could do JV, but I really don't have anything to offer in exchange.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be great.
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    Hi there,

    I'm just like you, I'm new to the vendor world (although I have been in IM for more than 2 years now, I know peanuts about selling products online as a vendor)

    But recently I've launched my first WSO and have gotten 100+ sales from it.. I'm impressed with the result, although 100+ may not seem a lot.. Afterall this is only my first WSO..

    Want to know my secret? haha here you go.. this thread by Mario motivates me a lot: http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...-anything.html

    I'm not sure if you're promoting your ebook in the WSO section.. but what I know for sure is that, as a new seller, you need to have leverage.. meaning to say that you need to have affiliates promote your product for you..

    For my case, in order to attract more affiliates, I offered them 100% commission.. It may seems stupid at first, but it's really NOT, in fact, offering 100% commission to affiliates it's 1 of the best decision I have ever made..

    I've used warriorpro for my first launch but JVzoo seems great too.. perhaps you could try launching a WSO using JVzoo as your payment platform You'll do just fine..

    Hope this help,
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    You can try list your ebook on ebay to make some immediately sales.

    At the same time, I'd suggest you to start building a list & maintain good relationship with them for long term success.

    Hope it helps :-)
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      Originally Posted by shireen View Post

      You can try list your ebook on ebay to make some immediately sales.

      At the same time, I'd suggest you to start building a list & maintain good relationship with them for long term success.

      Hope it helps :-)
      Ebay is allowing ebooks again? awesome!
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    Thanks Jeremiah, that is very good information. It is encouraging to see those numbers.

    Shireen, I haven't thought about selling it on eBay. Have you sold eBooks on eBay before?

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    Two Words...

    List Swap.

    You setup swaps with people who can mail for you, and you mail in return for them. Mail to sales pages (not squeeze pages) ONLY!

    Once you find your first few swaps, ask them for recommendations... if they don't give you any, offer then a 2nd tier commission. (don't offer until, and unless they're not willing to give you a few intros)

    Then repeat, repeat, repeat...

    -Gary Ambrose

    P.S. I'm going to assume you already know the product converts to your own lists, or your own traffic... if you haven't gotten that far, that's the first step, and once conversions are solid, then move on to the swaps.
    If you have an automated webinar in the IM, biz opp, or make money space, and if it already converts to cold, and/or paid traffic... I want to send free traffic, and free leads to you registration page, every single day, until it stops converting. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS NOW.

    P.P.S. Viral Marketing Doesn't Work ... Tell Everyone You Know! ;)
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    You can sell it at eBay... it's the best site where you can find buyers.
    Professionally designed custom blogging platform
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    List Swap - I don't have a list to swap to yet
    eBay - that is 2 votes now...looks like I need to check it out.

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    Had EBay stopped selling ebooks?

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    Please don't take this the wrong way. If you're talking about the ebook in your sig you still have a lot of work in front of you. First, there's no header image on your page. Is that intentional? You also don't have a compelling headline.

    I'll get straight to the point. You haven't given a visitor even the slightest reason to want your product. You need to be shouting about benefits of having your guide. Be glad you don't have any affiliates yet because this page isn't likely to convert many buyers.

    I say this with no ill intentions and I come from experience. Good luck.
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    I am here to learn, so not taking it the wrong way.

    Why would I need a header image? What would an image do that the text doesn't?

    What benefits would you suggest?

    Visit My website http://kipferguson.com

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      Originally Posted by Entrecon View Post

      What benefits would you suggest?
      I have no idea what the benefits of your book might be. You're selling a guide on how to easily create an ebook. What are the benefits of that? Why would someone want to know about it? How are they going to feel after getting the information?

      Selling is most often a problem - solution thing. If the problem is not enough time to write an ebook or not knowing what to do to get one done, that's the problem.

      I mean, this is your baby. Why did you write it? You must have had a market in mind. Who would want what you have? There might be lots of people on this forum that would be thrilled to have the info. But you aren't giving them anything tangible to make them want it.

      As for the header, the page is completely out of proportion. What does an image do that text doesn't? Well, if you had some text up there you might have some sort of argument but you don't have any text, just a massive amount of empty space.

      Then you have that little postage stamp of an image below. Not enough. Selling online is very visual. A nice ebook cover would help. That image you have might be great but as it is it's too small to tell.

      Take some time and make a study of your market. Who is going to want this? Once you identify them go and look at the offers they are likely to buy and how those offers are presented.
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      You mentioned PPC. You could try it as a test, but it is quite risky for a product that does not have any track record of converting well.

      For it to be a useful test you would need quite a few clicks through to your sales page. And that can get quite expensive very fast.

      Now, as to why a header image? To answer that you need to look at what a sales page is for. A sales page is to generate enough interest, while overcoming any obstacles that the prospective buyer will put in the way, to actually cause the person to make a purchase.

      Now, you don't absolutely need anything but a "buy now" button on a sales page. Anything else you put there is because your judgment tells you that by including it you will get more sales.

      So, would a header get you more sales? Maybe. Maybe not. The way to know for sure would be to test it. But testing it requires enough traffic and enough sales to see whether it works better with a header or without.

      But you are not in a position right now to test. So what do you do? Use your best judgment based on what you already have experienced in your life. Gather information from others and incorporate those things that make sense to you.

      Now, should you incorporate the suggestions of Travlinguy? Well, look at the source: Appears to have a mature viewpoint. As far as we can tell has experience in this area. Willing to make suggestions even though these are things you might not want to hear, therefore demonstrates personal integrity. And does it for no other reason that to help another person.

      That is the type of person to listen to and carefully consider their opinion, and if in your judgment you are likely to benefit, then to incorporate that into your plans.

      So a header? Would it give the page more interest? A more personal feeling? Could it add energy somehow? Could it give a visual image of some benefit that the buyer could gain from purchasing your product? If so, might the header help with sales?

      And as for benefits, what will the buyer get from the purchase. Will their work be easier? Will they accomplish a goal that they couldn't accomplish before. Will they be happier because of it? Will they be more successful financially. Will they be able to snub their nose at everyone that said they could never do it?

      The world is quite ruthless in selecting between the dream and the reality, even where we will not. Between the wish and the thing the world lies waiting. -- Cormac McCarthy

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    Hey neighbor, I'm just a few miles down I-75 from you!

    One thing you should search out is Amazon. They have a self-publishing division for publishing our works of grammatical art which comes with its own sizable distribution system. But that's not all. Their author support sites have extensive articles, documents and resources for marketing your book, cd, film, video, etc. Definitely snoop around there, or google amazon self publish.


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    Okay, I am working on tweaking the sales letter and will get it improved. Will also look at some graphics, and maybe a video sales letter to go with it.

    Anyone want a review copy?

    Visit My website http://kipferguson.com

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    Lots of good information here, thank you all.

    War Room Member

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    Just to add to what Travelinguy said, you have no where near enough copy and convincing sales argument to get $15 for the book...

    It's actually the amount of copy I've seen used for a free book or for $1...

    You're going to need to ramp it all up to get any meaningful sales numbers, imo.
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    Here's what I would do from experience.

    1. Setup a blog, start posting daily around topics and keywords that will attract those who are interested in your topic
    2. Setup a quick giveaway that you can use as incentive to begin list building from your blog (the traffic that will reach your blog, get them to take that first step of joining your subscriber list). A hint for a quick bonus - have someone conduct a telephone interview of 20-30 min on your experience using the technique you list in your ebook
    3. Actively search out blogs, newsletter/list owners that target the same audience you do and offer them a review copy of your ebook - if they like it - then pull them into your affiliate program and have them promote it
    4. Format it for Kindle and place in the Kindle Store
    5. Run weekly teleseminars that explain the steps you use to create your ebook - leaving the exact technique you mention in your ebook as the hook to buy your product
    6. Write some articles and post them with return links back to your website - this will get you some traffic and inbound links which help with SEO
    7. I would try PPC, but only as a method to find the keywords that will work the best and test conversion on your sales letter...once you have it improved, then go with the methods listed above.
    8. You can also go with this as a WSO as it should appeal directly to online marketers who market their own infoproducts

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  • Profile picture of the author Entrecon

    This is why I love the warrior forum. A lot of great information. Now I just need to work on getting this stuff implemented. I appreciate all of the feedback!

    Visit My website http://kipferguson.com

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