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by Kange
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What can affect your website bounce rate when customer land on your homepage?

Is it too busy? Too much text? Poor quality images? Or not enough information etc...What do you want to see?

When potential customers land on your homepage you want them to stay on, be interested and lead to a conversion. How can you gurantee this? They have obviously clicked on your website through a good PPC advert or inviting image link or on your twitter/facebook page notifications etc..

What errors can be made from the starting blocks?

For example if you had a gift shop selling novelty products but also advertising free delivery.

thank you
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    A few thoughts on that...

    3 reasons why visitors bounce off:

    - poor content
    - content doesn't match their expectation, or what they are looking for
    - confusing site design, bad usability, too much ads

    3 things that help reducing bounce rate:

    - get targeted traffic, don't put energy and money in untargeted traffic sources
    - make sure your site states clearly what it is about on EVERY page
    - within your content, place links to other pages on your site. do this so that it makes sense, that the links are related to what the current page is about.
    Check out a few post here, to see how this is done very well:
    Marketing advice & marketing tips for small businesses & entrepreneurs. | Marketing blogs
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    Bounce rates in my experience usually hover around 50% for most business to business websites. Pretty rubbish really if you think that half of all the websites we go to for business are the wrong ones. Business to consumer are usually a fair bit lower at around 30%. Websites that have very specific content, for example an estate agent or a charity that deals with something unusual, will come in at around 20%.

    Remember bounces are bad, work on lowering the figure whatever it is. Ensure your website is SEARCH ENGINE FRIENDLY. I wrote that in caps because it is one of the main reasons businesses choose Clickingmad. Our websites are all built to allow search engines to record their content. Without that, you’re nowhere.
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