I have discovered the niche i want to conquer

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For the past year or so, i've been really into collecting vinyl records. There are quite a few online communities that love to not only collect, but also talk about turntables, speakers, replacement parts, hidden treasures from the flea market, and new releases.

My goal is to put together an ebook guide for people who have a record collection sitting in their basement and are looking to convert it to cash by selling their albums online.

It will talk about the popular marketplaces, what albums/artists have the biggest value, how to understand grading standards, best practices for shipping, and mobile apps to help them catalog their collection.

I'd love to hear some thoughts and will take any advice from you all.

Thanks in advance!
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    Sounds great. Very interesting!

    I think you already have everything figured in detail .

    Now you just have to take action and make it happen.

    All the best,
    David Loi

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    go for it!
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    If that's your passion, then I'm sure you'll enjoy writing about it and not get bored. This is key to keeping you motivated. Worst case scenario...even if you don't make a great deal of money, you'll still enjoy what you're doing. Hope that helps!
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  • That sounds like a worthwhile ebook to write. Have you thought about releasing it on Amazon?

    PM Me Now!

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    To me that seems way more creative than most of the products that people are trying to put together. although I don't even have a record selection, I've become pretty interested in your product. You already gave me the feeling that you're passionate about vinyl records.

    Please go for it!
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    I think it sounds like a great idea! Begin building a home for your book, while you build your book. Start building a list tomorrow so you will have someone to market to immediately when your book is published. Start building relationships with people related to the space who will sell your book for you when the time is right. Enjoy!

    My website - nothing to sell related to IM - but if you like style and fashion, come play. :)

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