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Help me. I just launched these two sites:

1. Anxiety Symptoms in Women - Get Information on the Causes and Symptoms of Anxiety Disorders and Panic Disorders.

2. Best Product for Curly Hair - A Look at the Best Styling Products for Curly hair

They're mouthfuls, I know. I spent a lot of time developing quality content, and am going to work on the aesthetics later. Content is my top priority. I plan to add one new post every fortnight.

My goal is to have 40 sites like these and hopefully make something in the region of $4,000 per month in six months.

That was the background. Here are my questions.

1. What did I create? Are these micro niche sites or blogs? Or are they nothing?
2. Can I do Adsense and affiliate marketing simultaneously on these sites? If I could do only one, which would you recommend?
3. If I could employ only three traffic tactics, what would you recommend? I was thinking social bookmarking and article syndication.

Thanks and I look forward to your responses.
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    1. Micro niche sites

    2. Affiliate marketing pays well, adsense requires a decent amount of traffic

    3. SEO, PPC (Only if you're experienced with it) an effective one this isn't used often is becoming a member in forums related to the topic of your niche site
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