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In an earlier post at I discussed the Big Ticket/Big Guru Schools of Mentoring and then glanced upon the budget WSO 5-10 quick fix mentoring that we have seen lately on the forum.

It seemed that a common opinion was that somewhere in the middle would be a better option, where people signing up for mentoring had direct access to the mentor(s) and that the destination was in line with the student's ambitions rather than a pre-defined start/end point.

Now I want to explore that middle ground a little more if I may as this middle ground is by far the broadest of the 3 types.

In the comments posted to the above discussion, it was suggest that people were probably open to paying between $200 and $500 in return for direct mentoring, perhaps at least one phone call each week to help move them forward with targeted actions to be taken in line with their expectations. There was also comments that any group should be smaller (i.e. not 1000+) as larger groups can dilute the effectiveness.

The question that I would like to ask now is this:

What would you feel was a reasonable expectation for duration?

Would you expect results after 1 month maybe?
Would you assume that 3 months was a reasonable time to expect returns on your investment?
or would you see a suitable mentoring program as being an ongoing relationship with a monthly commitment rather than an up front bigger investment?

Again please don't name any names on this thread so that we can survive the moderators and make this information useful to those who do operate mentoring programs.

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    Hey Tony

    Great question!!

    I think a fundamental problem with many Internet Marketers is their unrealistic expectations.

    Maybe it is driven from all the over hyped sales copy and inflated promises out there being peddled by so called "gurus".

    It really depends on what people label as "results". I suppose for many the real question is how FAST can you (the mentor) make me money and therein lies the fundamental probelm with most mentor/mentoree relationships.

    The mentoree has often abdicated responsibility for their success to the mentor and somehow seems to think the mentor is going to wave some sort of magic fairy wand and will come raining down from the sky.

    That being said...I believe that in the IM space money can be made easily and qucikly provided if you have the right advice, knowledge and business model within say 60-90 days...maybe 30 days. However, in this instance the mentoree would need to be committing a signifcant amount of time 15-20+ hours per week and energy/effort towards the business.

    Therefore, there are so many variables that come into play with a question such as this - time available, money, maintaining focus, shiny object syndrome etc etc.

    The real question in my mind becomes...without a coach/mentor will I be successful and if so how much longer will it take??

    As I say to many of the people I coach personally - "experience and the school of hard knocks will be the MOST expensive mentoring you will ever receive. Take the shortcut and learn for someoen that has fot to where you want to go".

    Hope this helps


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