i need membership script.. can anyone help me...

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i want to setup a membership website with these features below. but i dont prefer plugin. i would like all-in-one script so i can install in my hosting. no wp / joomla plugins please.. thanks

1- basicly the script must support affiliates, recurring payments, online and offline banks.

2- for affiliates - referrer can see their downlines. i planning on using only 1 tier so that i can use paypal recurring.. but i also hope i can use alertpay also. and if affiliates can choose their affiliates username that would be a good bonus. i dont prefer affiliates modules/plugins like memberspeed script because when member register then they have to register again to be an affiliates. i need a script thats are build in ready.

3- for recurring payment - im looking for a script that can pays affiliates commission and site owner INSTANTLY. its ok with me whether when new member signup they have to pay the admins 1st and then to they referrer. or when they signup they have to pay to the admins and then admins will pay back to they referrer instantly using paypal. and i prefer all the transaction would be paid automatically using paypal.

4- for offline bank i prefer the script would notify the site owner when to pays the referer they commissions.

5- if the script can support forum integration and portal for members that would be a good bonus for me.. and also shopping cart for membes to promote they product.

i hope warrior members can help me in suggesting available script for this.. i hope the cost wont be so high around $100 is still affordable for me

the most similiar script is infinity downline...
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    Sounds like you need to take a look at Rapid Residual Pro. I'm hoping Steve Odette will come on here and tell you a little about his membership solution.

    If not, Google Rapid Residual Pro and see for yourself. Everything you describe in your post and more is possible. It is for non-WP memberships.

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  • Try wishlist plugin that is what I use it works great.
    soon people... Relax...
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    Second for wishlist
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    We use s2member on a wordpress site for the membership side and affiliates pro for the affiliate side of things. s2member is free. Affiliate pro is not.
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    You might want to raise your budget as that kind of membership usually cost more than $100. I'm using amember and it's great for all your requirements above.
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    As been mentioned above either wishlist or s2member works great or even something like OfficeAutoPilot would be helpful as an all in one solution for you.

    I build and test the crap out of any and all sales pages. Your conversion sucks? Hire ME

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    I want something too but only to build a downline and when my downline promote their webpage they build their..anything like that on net.
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    third for wishlist and maybe insta-member though I don't own it but it seems to try to be the end all be all.
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    Take a look at S2 Member and InstaMember. Both are plugins for Wordpress and easy to use. They support all the features you're looking for.
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      Originally Posted by Big Money View Post

      I like the features insta member has but how does it function with traffic running at it?
      I'm using InstaMember for my membership site, and things are running smoothly. I had to create a couple test purchases to fix some links when I first uploaded the site, but everything is now running correctly.
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    Look at aMember. Its a standalone product.
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    If you're looking for a fully featured selling platform then I would suggest Post Affiliate Pro - Affiliate Tracking Software - Affiliate Program Software (no affiliate link). Been using it for ages and it works great! It handles your products, affiliates, commissions (including downline and upline commissions), etc - this is probably what you're looking for.

    Not sure why people are recommending wishlist member or s2member as they do not handle affiliates and payouts (especially not downline and upline commissions). They are meant to create membership sites. Do people ever read posts fully these days? HE NEEDS A SOFTWARE THAT MANAGES AFFILIATES.
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      I also purchased Instamember. It looked promising.

      Turns out Insta-member has major problems and serious bugs, as reported (here) by several dozen warriors.
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    You can also investigate MemberSonic WordPress Membership Site Plugin.

    If you are interested I can send you a discount link (I'm the creator of the product).

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    I think if you're using wordpress as your platform, plugin such as wishlist membership will cover you (I have no affiliation with them).
    They can handle exactly as you desire on your list.
    Just google the name, you'll find them.
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