My first time ever on Odesk...

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And this is what I saw.....

It's not often I'm gobsmacked, but this one really hit me in the face

Do folks honestly get away with expecting folks to work for them for such a pittance!

Job Description

I am looking for a writer. The writer must have excellent English, if you think that your English is just average then please don't apply on this job.

I will just provide you categories and you will have to find nice and interesting topics, after that of course you will have to write on them.

Some points for Articles:

1) Each line of article should be unique, should pass from copyscape as well. There is no room for plagiarized articles.

2) Each Article should have atleast one relevant image.

3) Each article should be greater than atleast 400 words.

4) Each article should have proper sub headings for each paragraph.

You should proof read very carefully before sending. More work will be sent to your way, if you write well.

Each article will pay $1.5 (including odesk fees).

We will pay on weekly basis, and no upfront.

Thank you.
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    Lol. The thing is, that's not the worst one I've seen on Odesk.
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      LOL! I got an email today from a content provider company stating that they could hire me and start me at $1/500 words! Are you kidding ME?!

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    well, he will get software created content for that price, no doubt.
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    Absolutely unreal

    I loved the bit where the writer would dutifully have to find nice interesting topics which of course he would have to then write about.

    Its not often that words fail me, mark this as a rare occasion..
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    Oh dear.

    It does depress me that writing is so often used as a quick way to make money - yes, it does make people more grateful for people who can actually write, and put a great deal of effort into each piece, but it also means people get burnt with rubbish writing for their first experience.

    For $1.50 they deserve spun content. I hope nobody is desperate enough to actually write for that price.
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    And I'm dying to know where he thinks they are going to get the images he requires for each article..

    Google images anyone!
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    I've seen worse, unfortunately. Then these guys are amazed when they get writers who claim to be native speakers who send them terrible work. You get what you pay for. At a minimum I think you should be offering $1 per 100 words, and even that is a pittance. But anything less is an insult. I would never offer anything less than $10 an article for a 400 word piece, and that's for something that is super simple and needs no research or special knowledge.
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    Yep. Indentured servitude is alive and well on the internet.
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    Words of advise from an experienced Odesk and Freelancer head hunter and outsourcer:

    Ensure that you do not release any funds to them unless you are totally satisfied with their work! You get what you pay for! Alot of the times you'll get a half decent quality product / service.. but just be careful. I've only ever dealt with Programming / Graphic Design Outsourcing so possibly, the community on this forum may have had different experiences with markets like "Article Writing".

    Best of luck!
    Find what you love and pursue it! You'll be much more successful if you truly enjoy your work!
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    Don't be so surprised. There's people on Odesk that will gladly work for that. You might even get lucky with the quality. Just the way it is.

    The thing is though, when you find a great worker/staff/assistant that produces excellent work at slave trade prices, you pay them more and you give them encouragement so they continue working for you and are happy.
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    that guy is really stretching his budget as far as possible. who knows, you may be able to find good work on those freelance sites for that much. although no one with any sense would take that bid
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    It's a shame but people will actually apply for that job.

    Freelancing is so competitive these days and it just gets worse and worse. The problem with people accepting such low rates is that it affects all other freelancers because now 'employers' have an idea of how much article writing is worth ($1.50 in this case) and will expect that.

    Makes it harder for people trying to make an honest living by providing quality work. We're lost in a sea of junk writers willing to work for next to nothing.

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    These are the kind of offers that breed dishonesty. At the
    same time the employer is trying to pay as little as possible
    the writer is trying to use as little time as possible and so
    they plagiarize or spin these articles.

    It's a negatively symbiotic relationship.

    -Ray Edwards
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    Give it a week, then he will be in here starting threads, crying about how he never finds any great freelance writers to work with, and how he just can not for the life of him figure out why.
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    Wow... I'm pretty speechless about that odesk post.

    If they are looking for a talented writer, at that price they may never find it. Ever.


    "Success comes when people act together; failure tends to happen alone." -- Deepak Chopra

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  • Thats crazy! I would never consider paying someone so little. I am just starting to use ODesk as well. I was looking for a programmer and was willing to pay $500, but I guess I was asking for too much for that price; I did get some bids, but they were from new odesk folks and not the kind of quality I was looking for. I will be re-listing it again at a higher price to see if I can attract the kind of talent that would do a good job of it.

    PM Me Now!

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      lmao.. I will be honest..I wanted someone to write for me and I wanted to pay 5 to 6 $ for 1000 words article, I hired a guy and he accepted 2$ for 1000 words.. oh man what was I thinking....the guy couldn't do it lol...I was supposed to be smarter but hey! I admit I was wrong..

      Well..I have learned my lesson.. if I want high quality then I must pay for high quality, I hired the greatest writer from the warrior forum and I am happy with her writing and services!

      Never again! PS...don't judge me was a mistake lol
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    That's awful, I've used Odesk alot and would never dream of going that low, he will probably struggle to get anyone, if he does I reckon he's gunna be disappointed with the quality of the article.

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    You know what's the funniest part about this post?

    That employer is probably going to hire a Filipino or two to write for him, pay him/her for 25 articles, and then go to a forum just like this one and complain about how they "didn't have any success with outsourcing" or found it to be "too time consuming" and "not worth the effort".

    It's amazing how entitled some people feel.
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    That is awful. Expecting someone to write a completely original, quality article for a mere $1.50 is laughable.
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    You always get what you give... It's a chain reaction...
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    That is nuts!

    Kim - did you contact him / her and tell them they are a Wanker?
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    Sadly, I've seen this on plenty of other freelance boards as well. Most of them will eventually realize that their expectations are outrageous for what they are willing to pay. At that point, they either continue chasing dirt-cheap "writers" or finally decide to up their game and pay for the writing they expect.

    On another note, most of those who have a massive list of expectations and want to part with as little money possible are usually the people who are the WORST to work with. That's why I write for fees I choose to set and work with those who are fully aware of what they will get when they hire me to write for them.

    I understand some writers have to start somewhere, but anyone new to writing should know that they do NOT have to resort to projects like that.
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