Has anyone used Dwolla?

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Has anyone used Dwolla? Did you use it for online or offline business? What was your experience?

I'm currently researching different payment processing options. I need to diversify, not keep all of my eggs in one basket.

Thanks for your input.
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    Hi digichik - we added Dwolla to our website as another payment option a few weeks ago. It was easy to implement. I like the service itself and their support was excellent. Let me know if you need any more information.
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    I never heard of Dwolla but Digichik your definitely right never keep all your eggs in one basket.

    I am going to look up Dwolla and see what it's all about.
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    Maybe it's just me (although I've got a feeling there's more of us here).. what exactly is Dwolla? Never heard of it before. Will probably check it, see what it is.

    LE: ok, looks quite interesting - would love to see some people's experiences with it.
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    Isn't there anyone on this forum who can share his/her experience using Dwolla?
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    Dwolla is going to be a legit force moving forward, hopefully eclipsing some of the current monopolistic players such as Paypal (and their high fees).

    If someone needed extra proof Ashton Kutcher who is considered a tech-savvy investor is invested in Dwolla.

    Kutcher invests in flat fee tech startup Dwolla - Yahoo! News
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    I just found out about it too-

    Basically it lets customers pay straight from their bank account- without Dwolla having access to sensitive information (if that makes sense).

    Each transaction costs 25 cents, not the % that PayPal does.

    It's going to be a HUGE competitor to PayPal

    But that said- lots of people like paying with credit. If you don't have money in the bank (as most Americans dont), Dwolla won't your first choice.
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    I think it could be huge. Tons of people buy only with the money in their Paypal account.
    Thats what made PP so popular, especially at the beginning. You didn't need a credit card.
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    Just heard about Dwolla for the first time today, I'm still not completely 'getting it', but it would be great if Paypal had some serious competition.. although I don't see buyers moving away from PP anytime soon - especially because of Ebay.
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    First time I've heard of it too, looks pretty interesting.

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    I'm going to use Dwolla I heard so many nice feedback about that very interesting...
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    The thing is, I think people predominately shop online with their credit cards and debit cards.

    Now, I don't know the percentage of credit vs. debit but dwolla can only compete with debit cards in that it comes straight out of your bank account.

    If they come anywhere close to Paypal, they can never overtake it as I think a big part of their philosophy is removing credit cards companies from the equation.
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      I don't have experience with Dwolla myself, but the appeal to me would be that you can link your Dwolla account to your Twitter handle and/or Facebook profile and have the ability to send money to any follower or friend. The ability to also be able to send payments directly through mobile phone via social media seems like a good forward thinking idea to me, especially for only a .25 fee.

      I came across two other start ups, which I also don't have experience with but I'm researching.
      Chirpify-allows you to buy, sell, and donate on twitter.
      Paycento-allows one to exchange $$ from one's Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts, however, I don't believe this has launched yet.
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    My company is implementing Dwolla as a payment option on 250,000 items, specifically in the clothing market. We hope to be able to implement Dwolla for electronic items in 2013 after a record of testing in other categories.

    Here in Des Moines (where Dwolla is located) little signs are going up all over the place telling consumers that they accept Dwolla at their place of business.

    I feel once they become international, more people will latch on to their service and further solidifying themselves as an alternative.
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    Kutcher seems to invest in multiple internet businesses. He also invested $1,000,000 into Gidsy.com: book and offer tours, activities, workshops, local events and more exciting things to do

    Which is great, giving other people a chance and making the gamble to earn more money in the long run. Seems he learned from other celebs that invested in Facebook. I believe Bono from U2 go a great return on his investment as well.
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    Someone need to come up and over take the pay pal monopolization, their fees are crazy

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