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Affiliate marketing, or launch my own product? I have the domain, but looking for ideas of what to do with it. Thanks!
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    Do you guys think making a small video in Millionaire Monkey character (with the suit on) would work from a marketing perspective?
    In a word, no. It's a gimmick. Study purple cow marketing, that takes the cute idea and runs with it.

    Yours is simply a cute idea. It has nothing to do with the site and what you're selling. Nobody cares if you read a generic sales letter into a camera while wearing a gorilla suit. All they'll do is wonder why they wasted their time.
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    I think John_S is right. You have to ask yourself whether you would buy something from some guy dressed up in a monkey suit? I know I wouldn't, no matter what they are peddling. It's just creepy.

    Read my blog on SEM:

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    I'd scrap the whole idea, as the most you will ever make with it is ....peanuts.
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    What are you guys talking about? Millionaire Monkey? That IS catch and can work...


    Only if you're a millionaire... which you are NOT. Your a poor ass monkey. If you are going to call yourself that, you better back your shit up... and walk the talk. You're going to need to provide mad proof (which you do not have).

    So keep the idea on the back burner for now... start something else until you make your first million. And along the way to your million, meticulously track your progress and journal every tip and technique.

    THEN you take all that info and turn it into a product called "Millionaire Monkey"

    Otherwise you won't be able to get away with a sham like this, so don't bother. See... Im FJ... the "Fit Jerk" - WHY?

    Because I'm ripped, and blunter than the end of a beer bottle. The name suits who I am. It's a way of proofing yourself.

    My 2 cents.
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    I don't know why people are dismissing your idea so quickly. Lots of gimmicks work well. Whether yours will or not depends on several things. One is, can you deliver good info or a compelling pitch? Remember, regardless of the medium it's always going to come back to offering great content.

    Once you have the content thing worked out, I don't see any problem testing your monkey suit idea. If you've got something unique maybe you can make it fly. People learn more and enjoy learning when it's fun. And even more important, they'll remember you. If you can get laughs in a party setting or you're the comical type, go for it. It's called branding - and you've got a great domain name for the project. But again, you're going to need to come up with some great content. Good luck!
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      The idea could work but *first* you need to prove that your methods are sound.

      Granted..there are many people who can sell crap based on a gimmick but do you really want to be of them?

      Instead of working on the gorilla/monkey suit work on the methods that you're going to be recommending.

      As far as characters go... I really wish I invented HELLO KITTY.

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    Persistency works. If you really have a good strategic plan for your business then that will work for you. The monkey thing is alright but put an irony on it. It doesn't have to be understood in a literal manner, you have a catcy name and make more out of it.
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    I like the presentation. You obviously have put much thought into this.

    Your approach has been written assuming it is sucessful, where it is not proven, but that is a marketing technique.

    What you lack at this stage is credibility, no or little sales mean no credibility. I think you need a well known name to take your model and promote it. It will cost you in percentage of sales, but it is a good way to go, in fact I think it will be your only option. It is very discouraging when you receive a blunt, no, go back and rethink and redo it.

    I will not say that, but I wil say that you need gain support from others to make this idea work, but heh, well have all done it. It is a huge barrier that all internet markets have to go through, unless they are spoiled brats who have some take them by the hand and show them how to do it.

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    their is nothing congruent with your myspace and urls. your going to have a hard time making any $$$$$$$$$.
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