Microsoft's New Photosynth Site

by Jordan D 3 replies
Everyone at work is talking about it, I see it on TV and all over the internet, so I had to see what all the buzz is about. Microsoft's Photosynth is a very cool idea, and will certainly be a new and exciting way to post images on the internet, but I was surprised on my very first visit by a very unique error message;

"Still using IE6 I see. We've optimized Photosynth for Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 3. Your free to use IE6, but our site won't look very good."

I happened to be using IE6 at the time doing some cross browser testing for one of our websites we're developing at the media firm I work for when I decided to check it out and this popped up as soon as I came to the site. From a developer perspective, I'd be happy if we could do this all the time since IE6 can be a pain to make look right, but for the 36% of all people using the internet that still use IE6 I might be a little pissed. What do you think? An attempt by Microsoft to get people to upgrade or plant the seed for an upgrade since IE8 is just around the corner, or just plain laziness?
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    I have never heard of it and I have my home page set to MSN and I spend most of every day on the net.

    Seeing it requires not one but two installations one to view it and one to create it...

    Not too exciting.

    P.S. Upgrade to IE 7 already... seriously it's ages better than IE 6 and there is no benefit to holding on to IE 6... though personally I spend most of my time in Firefox 3 since it has all the killer plugins you can ever want to make web life easier ;-)
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      Hey Josh,
      I have IE 7, however need to keep IE 6 also to do cross browser testing for web development purposes. I also use Firefox 3 for the most part, my only complaint would be that it's a little slow at times, other than that its great.
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    It's basiclly a new photo sharing and creation/editing software. Gives a 360 degree more dimensional experience. But the software chews up a ton of graphic hardware virtual memory. Personally I don't see the big deal and uninstalled it after checking it out.

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