How a simple radio button cost me over $900

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Sometimes an idea seems good. Unfortunately the implementation doesn't quite work out as expected.

Long ago I installed SEO Searchterms Tagging 2 to my main site. It really helps with content interlinking, and I've been pretty happy with almost everything it does.


Last Friday, I was tweaking the site. I saw an option within this plugin to "Promote old post with no search engine traffic." This plugin showed 14 posts with zero search engine traffic, and I thought, "why not." So I clicked the radio button.

That's when the magic began.

Since then, about every 18 hours this plugin has changed the date on one of these old (very poor) articles to the current date. As of this morning, my home page and the second page was fully populated with the worst articles on my site.

My traffic has started to drop a little, but most importantly, my sales have been pathetic and I have stopped getting list signups.

I guess I know quite a bit more today about crafting an article that leads to an action than I did in 2008.

Takeaway: Know your site, know your plugins, and watch your stats. Oh, and don't fiddle with settings that you *think* you understand.
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