Need some kind volunteers to visit my site & report back any display issues

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Hi. I was wondering if any kind people would visit social howl | Social Media Reseller and tell me if the white text in the home page sliders are out of whack. I am being told that some of the lines of text are sitting all the way to the left. It looks fine on my computer and Ive tried a "how does my site look" website and the screenshot look fine too. Any help greatly appreciated.
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    Looks good on my computer running Windows 7. I tried with Chrome, IE and FF.
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      quadxnet: Thanks mate. Really appreciate it. This was a site I sold and its becoming a real headache. If anyone could post suggestions on what the issue could be, feel free. Im out of ideas. Its not a weird font, its a stock windows font. :confused:
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    It does look out of whack here. Some of the white text are misaligned indeed. I'm using F.F latest version running on Mac.
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      Originally Posted by dylanloh View Post

      It does look out of whack here. Some of the white text are misaligned indeed. I'm using F.F latest version running on Mac.
      Thanks. What is latest firefox version?
      I'm also wondering if its a problem just viewing with macs...
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    Nope. Everything looks fine on my part. I'm using IE7 with Windows XP, and it looks good.
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    It all looked okay to me.

    When I scrolled to the very bottom of your home page, I was "popped" back up after about a second. Couldn't read your footer because I kept getting "popped".

    Your link for the video course just leads me to Clickbank - not to the product sales page.
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    I think it looked okay.
    Win 7
    Chrome, FireFox 3.6 and IE 8
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    The transition is rough. Not at all smooth like most sliders. The Youtube screen jumps to the left while Facebook screen is higher than Twitter Screen.

    Then below the slider, the chart is aligned to the left and should be in the middle to look better.

    The social media boxshots should be a transparent png file to look good on the gray background of the footer.
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    I am using IE when your scroll to tbe bottom of your screen the banner is positioned correctly.

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    Looks fine on my side. I'm using Firefox on Mac.
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    Everything seems fine on Firefox IE and Chrome. Only thing i noticed right off the bat was the white text on IE was slightly different than the fonts on Firefox and Chrome. Not an issue just something i noticed. Nice site!
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    Everything is great, except that when I scroll to the bottom,
    after about 3 seconds the page jumps up about 3-4 inches.

    Using Windows Vista/Firefox

    Other than that it's a very attractive site. clean and very
    professional looking, cool domain name too
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    I am using Mozilla Firefox 3.6. Yes, I know, this is outdated, but this is not my computer!

    Anyways, the site looks great. Zero display issues. Great job on the design! I actually really like it - it looks clean and professional.
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