(Static) Ad Sense Site VS (Dynamic) Review Site. Profit VS Time

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Im in a predicament. This is one of those cases where in the end you just have to shoot for one and see what happens. But before i take aim and pull the trigger, i would feel very comfortable if i could get some advice.

i have been building 2 sites one ad sense and one review site. The ad sense site is complete and is static. Meaning i wont really have to make any changes to it other than making it better and the market never changes because there is only one solution. I finished the site in 3 hours.

the review site is technology based and always has to be updated. "Always" meaning every 2 or 3 weeks and offers so much more (services, education, community and should become an authority site). Requires more work to finish but return should be grand. This site is much more dynamic & is not yet complete.

my worry is, according to the stats. I expect the ad sense site to take a short amount of time to rank (according to Adam Shorts NPC course) and since markets like this and website who aren't authority sites, anyone can just come in and top me. But it is quick, can profit quickly, make short change (around the hundreds).

the review site is guaranteed to become an authority site because of what i offer on it and what and how it is structured. Im a tech-nerd and i love the review site more than i enjoy writing about the ad sense site. But my goal here is to profit quickly and time is of the essence.

My choices
review site: spend more time, profit more in the future
ad sense site: spend less time, build momentum, profit less but keep steady

if you can see the bigger picture. I am trying to build a foundation, which is why i took time to consider the ad sense site. Building a big site as a foundation can be a little risky, on the count of time.

The concern: The investment of time
if you have a wise quote to accompany this. Please do so...

anyways here are the stats. Please which would you choose to spend more time on. This may seem a little obvious but please i need your opinion.

ad sense site
- general keyword competition 100 - 800 (google key word search: low)
- supporting Key words 3 & 5 thousand (google key word search: low)
- competitive keyword competition. average 33 hundred. Lowest is 27 hundred (google key word search: high)
- Search Engine competition 16,400,000
- Average CPC $.20 - $.73

review site
- general keyword competition 3600 & 9900 (google key word search: high competition)
- supporting Key words 3000 & 8000 (google key word search: high competition)
- competitive keyword competition. average 368 hundred. Lowest is 27 hundred (google key word search: high competition)
- Search Engine competition 35,200,000
- Average CPC $1.00 - $4.00

i rounded everything off. I hope you get the idea. The idea for the review is absolutely open and untouched, i found maybe 2 or 3 other guys but they arent as targeted as i am. The ad sense as you can see has more opportunity.

The question is what would you do?


in case your wondering. Some info on me....
I don't have experience in making money online but i do know a fair amount about it. I just recently got over the confusion on where to start, the market to target and all the information. I have learned everything from Matt Carter, Adam Short, Anik Singal, Jeremy Shoemaker, Ryan Moran & Mark Ling. I have been studying for about 11 months and i have a fair amount of experience and knowledge in web design. Specifically CSS, getting into Java.
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      thank you. All i needed to know!
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      how do i delete this thread?
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    long answer: Booooth.
    lol. I think i depends on what you want. The static adsense site will net you cash, and the model is scalable, but it probably won't net you as much as the dynamic site. However the dynamic site looks like it will take more work to get it turning a profit. So I would recommend keeping both, one for short term, to pay for little things like chipping in towards hosting, and work on making the review site an authority site.
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