Where to find affiliates to promote your product?

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Hey guys, just launched my new online business for a few months now, and i'm making a few sales here and there..

Right now my sales/marketing strategies is:

adwords - SHORT term - where i'm at right now

affilates: MID to LONG term - what im trying to build now to pay for...

seo - LONG term

My goal is to get more affiliates to promote my product so i can cut back on PPC, and start using the money to pay for SEO services...

I'm selling a 'digital service,' i'm currently using ejunkie, and i've set up an affiliate program where i pay out quite a decent amount.

Right now, after i deliver my service, i follow up with an email where i ask for referrals and offer to pay a commission, and i'll tell them about my affiliate program where they can earn easy cash.. is this a good idea?

I'm also currently setting up a 'become a partner' page on my website with info for becoming an affiliate, that should be up in a few days

My question is how do i get more people to become an affiliate and promote my product? I'm offering an awesome service, and i'm paying out a decent amount as well..

Any help and pointers would greatly be appreciated.. cheers
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