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Hi all

I've been playing with Wordpress and I've noticed that WP blogs tend to slide down the SERPS quite quickly if you don't post.

I know, I know! The whole ide aof a blog is that you post regularly. But, if you don't, your rating slip quite quickly. Whereas Blogger blogs seem to hold their positions, as do HTML sites (I use XSitePro).

Has anyone else noticed this, or is it that I haven't setup my blogs correctly? I am using the All-in-One SEO plug in on most of my WP blogs.
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    Google claim that they don't 'favor' blogger blogs, despite owning blogger.com

    Would you say your observation counters that claim?
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    Well, it would certainly seem that way Jon!

    My XSitePro sites seem to do very well in Live search and MSN, and the Blogger blogs seem to do well in Google. The Wordpress blogs sometimes fly up to the top spots when I post, but then disappear again.

    I have a WP blog that sits at #2 for the main key phrase out of 1.3bn results when I post, then it sadly disappears of the charts for a while. When I post, it takes about a week or so to reach the top spot again.

    I haven't done a real side by side comparison with similar posts etc to give a really definitive answer.

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