I just read emails from about 5 people or so who Iam on their List ! The rest I delete.....and you ?

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That would be Paul Myers, Mark Cuban (rss), Travis Sago, Mike and Kelly Felix

Frank Kern inevitably gets the delete button without hesitation. I know I just need to unsubscribe !!
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    What do you mean? How many lists are we on?

    Im probably on about 3 'gurus' list and about 4 other people.
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    I unsubscribe from those I don't want to see.

    Otherwise, if I am on your list, I probably read most if not all of your emails...

    p.s. Give me your email address... If you are on my lists, I will help you out and unsub you myself, so that I don't have to pay to send email to people who don't want email from me. That way, I can make room for people who really want to read what I have written...
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    The only two lists I'm on (IM-wise) are Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income and Spencer Haws' Niche Pursuits. My mentor doesn't do a list (I stumbled across him by accident about a year ago) and I just talk with him directly when I need answers.

    -- j

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    I didnt even know kelly felix had a newsletter. Time to subscribe. Do any one of these people email you twice per day? I hate that. People who do this get the unsubscribe click faster than light.
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    I have a few email accounts for the sole purpose of collecting emails. Every couple of weeks I log in to have a browse around.

    My main email account is only subscribed to a few lists. Just the people that I want to hear from on a regular basis.
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