So how much does a Smartphone game/app cost?

by add191
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I'm just asking, since i have a lot of ideas for smartphone games that cost 99 cent a pop. I need an average cost if I am going to outsource it
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    I had listen to a podcast the other day where the guy was outsourcing his apps. His cheapest app to make was 400 dollars, his most expensive one was 8000 dollars. the problem is there is no average cost because it is based on the scope of your idea.

    Angry Birds for example had a 100k development cost and was the guy's 52nd attempt at making a successful game.

    I also know a developer who bought Corona SDK and was happy that he made 1100 dollars back because it covered the cost of his ipad and the kit.
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      There is very little money in Smartphone games for most developers. It is saturated with crappy games that don't make any money, and if you think you can develop great game for less than 10K, odds are it will be crap too (or not even functional). Even for a modest game design, you'll need to do most of the work yourself to keep the budget under 50k or so, assuming you can contribute to either generating the art or, preferably, the code.

      General purpose apps are different. If it is novel and simple, there is a chance you can make it on the cheap. There is no way to know without understanding the scope of the design however.
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    It's all going to depend on the amount of work and who you have it outsourced too.

    Most apps cost about $0.99 but I have seen apps for $20.00+ and have purchased them myself (they solved a problem on the go).

    Don't just go with any developer, do your research.

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    The average cost of develop a mobile app is ranges $50,000 to $250,000, this is very much expensive.
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    I know everyone has mentioned about the development costs so far, but don't forget about the ongoing maintenance costs to keep the game updated and relevant.
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    Depends on what kind of app you are building. Are you making a simple game like chess or the next angry bird? Are you making a simple app like a flashlight app or are you building an in-depth app like a myfitnesspal?

    It all depends on what your app is trying to accomplish. I'd say the average cost for a good, well developed simple app could be anywhere from 5k+. A good game like an angry birds or clash of clans is easily 100k+

    So unless you provide more info, there's no way we can tell you how much an app would cost.
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