How I Make $25+ a day on Fiverr (Warning: Long Post)

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So when I first joined the Warrior Forum last year, I saw a lot of posts about making money on Fiverr and I always used Fiverr to buy services that were awesome but never thought it was worth the time to be a Fiverr seller.

Then I posted a few gigs just to test it out - gigs I knew would take me less than 5 minutes to complete. And in just 2 months, I'm now earning more than $25 a day on Fiverr.

Here's how I did it:

Great 5 Minute Or Less Fiverr Gigs:

My 5 minute or less gigs include:

Posting A Message on Twitter or retweeting something on Twitter (I have 34000+ followers and will show you how to do that as well very quickly).

send a personal Tweet and Facebook Update about your product, service or website to my 33000 Twitter followers and 13779 Facebook Fans for $5 - juicetom

Posting a status update on my Facebook Fan Pages (I have 5 pages with 6000+ fans)

post a facebook status update of your ad or message on my internet marketing fan page with 4061 fans and tweet to 33000 twitter followers for $5 - juicetom

Pinterest gigs - including repinning others' pins.

follow you on pinterest and repin anything you want with REAL pinterest account with 300 plus loyal followers and tweet to 32000 followers for $5 - juicetom

All of these gigs are quick and easy and in high demand - because my social networks have high value due to large amounts of organic, real followers who like what I share. These 3 gig ideas provide at least $25/day in sales on Fiverr (although I created several variations on each gig and gig extras as well to boost revenue).

How to create a Twitter Gig with High value very quickly:

Go buy 20,000 Twitter followers on Fiverr ( should be 2 gigs for 10k+ followers each)

Then go buy TweetAdder and set it to follow 800 people a day in your niche. And schedule it to post at least 10 tweets a day every hour or so. You will very rapidly grow followers organically this way. Just make sure to respond to mentions when people talk to you - easiest way to get traffic and attention on Twitter. I get over 100 clicks a day on Twitter now doing this and it takes less than 10 minutes a day.

How to Create a High Value Facebook Gig On Fiverr Quickly

For this you're going to use Facebook Ads. You can get clicks for 1 penny or less if you're very niche and also if you target cheap international traffic. Getting 5000 fans should cost $100 or less.

How to Create a High Value Pinterest Gig On Fiverr Quickly

For this you're going to need raw Pinning power. Just pin a TON of photos. At least 100 photos minimum just as a start. Pin a variety of photos. The biggest mistake marketers make is pinning ONLY photos from their own website and only linking to their own website.

This makes you look like a big fat spammer and no one wants to follow spammers. Share a variety of things, and repin others photos, like others pins, and leave comments. Pretty basic for social media. But just doing it will set you apart.

Pinterest is still so new and exploding in growth so you will get Fiverr orders pretty much no matter what if you have a real account with some real pins and followers.

Other Great Fiverr Gigs for Marketers

Other great Fiverr gigs for marketers are guest blog posts. People love to get backlinks from high quality blogs so if you have a blog, offer to post their guest article for $5! It's a win-win because you get paid to get free content, and they get a very cheap quality blog backlink. Cha-ching!
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  • I haven't done anything outside of digital services because... they are fast and cost nothing. There are tons of ways to make money on Fiverr, I only want to do it in a way that takes no overhead and very little time.

    If you have free ebooks or guides, you can offer those on Fiverr for $5 too - not much sales, but every sale you get is a good lead for upsells and it takes 1 minute to deliver.
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      ...besides of the promotion of your own gigs, you got great and easy to do tips,here !

      Get Instant Access to over 500 PLR, FREE Resell Rights Products Now!
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    Thanks for sharing your tips man - Like you I have always bought from Fiverr but never sold - might have to make the leap!
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    I just discovered Fiverr yesterday and thought of doing exactly what you outlined. However, seems like a crowded market, or will be after this post...
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  • To make more clear how to get more customers from just a few gigs, make sure you create variations on each of your gigs...

    Instead of just posting one gig for 1 tweet, post a gig for a tweet + a facebook post, then a gig for 2 retweets, then another gig for a facebook post + a retweet, etc. Use different keywords in each gig description and each one will be much more likely to get traffic from the fiverr search function. Just having 1 gig is like just having 1 page on a website - not much chance of search traffic!
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  • If someone had a similar high quality twitter account with 30k+ followers, I'd spend $5 to buy it in a hearbeat. I don't think its overcrowded at all, there's just a lot of worthless crap. You can also cross-promote with other Fiverr sellers and ask them to promote your gig after they complete an order and vice-versa, great way to get extra sales for free!
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    Thank you for that guide. I have just started to use Pinterest so interested in maximizing it's full potential. I quite like it as well. I've only got 6 boards, and already seeing a trickle of repins and likes/followers.

    Motivated to spend another 30 minutes on it later on.

    Again thank you for the post
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    This seems like it would be an arms race of everyone building more and more twitter followers to up the ante and stand out
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    Good tips. What I can see is your tips help in getting you more exposure which is what is likely getting you the results.

    I haven't seen much sales from Fiverr however I haven't promoted it. Then again, why build up another place when you could set up your own site and promote that instead?
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    Glad to hear you are making money. and to do it in 5 minutes is good.
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    Best way is to offer GREAT service and money will flow easily. I have a SeNuke Service gig and people are just loving it.
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    You are sure working for that $25! The Pinterest excerpt is pretty interesting.


    "Success comes when people act together; failure tends to happen alone." -- Deepak Chopra

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  • @Koz I never actually promoted my Fiverr gigs outside of Fiverr. I just created multiple gig variations and the orders came through Fiverr search.
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    Thanks these are some great tips.

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    There are some great ideas here-you can also post them on the fiverr-type sites, like fourerr, outsourcerr, tenrr, foratwenty, etc.

    If you have 12 of these sites and make $25 each/day, you've gota $100,000+ yearly income there!

    Vince aka makingiants
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    Great information, Tom. At the risk of deviating from the thread's content, I would like to ask you; what is the best way to promote a blog post on Fiverr? No black hat methods please.
    David Sneen
    It's what you do when no one is watching
    that determines what you will be able to
    do when everyone is watching.
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    • Buying Twitter Gigs. I've been able to get 100-300 hits to a blog post with $5. And it's real, targeted traffic so it actually converted into opt-ins, social media sharing, etc.

      Originally Posted by David Sneen View Post

      Great information, Tom. At the risk of deviating from the thread's content, I would like to ask you; what is the best way to promote a blog post on Fiverr? No black hat methods please.
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    Fiverr is great, especially for people who aren't making a lot of money yet. Perfect to get started and make some money to reinvest into your business! I generally tell people to start there, since doing Fiverr gigs an seeing what others do can be an important learning experience. And motivating, since it's probably the easiest way to make money online

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