Create Your Own EBook Without Ever Writing One Word!

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Is anyone familiar with "Create Your Own EBook Without Ever Writing One Word!"?

I just downloaded this ebook and reviewed it and it seems really out of date. Not too mention it has a ton of run on sentences and spelling errors.

I did a search in Google for the title of this ebook and found about 2,410,000 results!

Is it even worth promoting seeing how so many other people are also promoting the same ebook, or would it be better for me to just glean my own nuggets of gold from it and other "how to" marketing ebooks and simply write my own? Or, is the market too saturated?

I mean, the concept of hiring a "ghost-writer" isn't exactly a Eureka! type idea. Any thoughts on this?
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    Yep, I think I've read it before, its no ground-breaking, just do the research and hire someone to write it for you... and that's it.

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    I've failed at a ebook company right now though the maket is saturated unless you can truely like any biz STAND OUT. This means different things to different people although I've found offering reseller rights may get you 2-3 sales of an ebook you write (I've learned the hard way) then they sell it in a bundle with 500 other ebooks for a penny on ebay. Trust your judgement I'd look into affiliate programs as they are very successful.
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    Thanks for sharing this ... I was about to download and now I can look for something else.
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      Yeah, it seems the market is really saturated.
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    Stumbled upon lotsa links providing this service. Just dunno which one to choose.
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    It is a very outdated e-book...just a waste of time!
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    I don't believe the e book market is completely saturated. One of the newest e book craze that I am personally interested in is, co branded FREE e books to market. The sky's the limit if you know where to go to resources. You can go to my website for more information. Thanks!
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    is it true?? i dont think , cos ebooks have taken a lot of me..
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    There is no need going there, just look for another fresh market to explore.

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      If it helps...

      I know of people mass pushing 500-600 e-books at once... I believe it is their own -- but those are the kinds of numbers they are pushing...
      Make money from writing, find out how now.
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