Is it really necessary to have a Facebook Fan page and a Following on Twitter?

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If you are promoting embarrassing products such as 'how to get rid of warts' or 'how to be more confident with girls' is it really necessary to have a Facebook fan page or a following on Twitter?

If I was searching the internet for a cure for these types of problems I doubt I would hit the like button or share the article with my friends.

Besides creating your own mailing list to promote these types of products, what are some other ideas you could use to keep people interested in these types of niches?

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    How about forums in that niche - a bit like this one for IM?
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    Hi Pepper81,

    thanks for your post. I have had some solid experience with the dating market so I just wanted to reply in reference to your comment "'how to be more confident with girls' is it really necessary to have a Facebook fan page or a following on Twitter?"

    A lot of the confidence/dating guys are also very heavily into self-improvement across a range of areas... health, fitness, fashion, success etc. For example a large part of young men interested in fitness and improving their body image are also very likely to be interested in having more success with women. Perhaps I am stating the obvious but thought it was worth mentioning.

    You may have to tackle it from a different angle and also sugar-coat it a little bit. This could be through other forums, or in fact your own.

    Personally I have found that that particular target audience tends to engage online and heavily in forums, more than they would on FB or Twitter. They may follow one of the main guys like Strauss\Mystery\Savoy\Gambler on Twitter\FB.

    They are often looking for advice\comfort\support\gurus\ and people with track records they can follow.

    I wouldn't really bother with FB or twitter for this kind of model but social proof is huge for dating. It's about normal guys getting abnormal results.

    But for the warts kinda thing, I don't really know or have experience there however I imagine it would be something that people either Google, or click-through on an Advertisement.

    Hope this helps your thinking progress.

    To your success!
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    I agree. Forums. With social media you might want to consider invite-only support groups in Facebook. Groups can be really powerful.
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