The ideal phone for Internet Marketers?

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Hello Warriors,

I'm not sure if this topic has been discussed before, but I've become increasingly curious...

Do a lot of you do IM stuff on your phones? If so, what tasks do you get done through this?

And second,

What exactly (from your experience, preference, etc.) is the ideal mobile phone for IM?

I'm currently in search for a new plan, I am wondering if there's a particular model out there that makes for very efficient functions and tasks such as:

*Browsing forums (lol duh)
*Submitting articles to directories
*Checking e-mails (very basic function, I know)
*Social media functions (Facebook/Twitter/etc.)
*Google Analytics

For instances where I want to quickly check on my business while I'm out to lunch, or doing something in which I cannot carry a tablet or a computer, I am sort of looking for a phone that perform as many IM-related tasks as possible with the portability of a handheld device.

Does anyone have any recommendations?
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    Here's my take on things. I had a phone that was capable of all of that stuff - an iPhone., What I found was I was always checking on things and working where ever I was. I hated it. 10 years ago we all got on just fine without these phones.

    So I swapped back to the Blackberry I used to have so I can still get all my emails but it's a pain for web browsing or anything else like that. It will work if I desperately need it to but it's not very user friendly so I'm less inclined to do work on it... and guess what, the world has kept on spinning even without me working 24 hours a day.
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    In my opinion the iPhone. Never had an other phone for my business but it's just so easy to read emails, set appointments in the agenda and have contact with costumers/business partners. It also supports Skype and Facetime so it's very easy to have a face to face conversation.
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    Yes I agree iphone is great for business but saying that my wife has a blackberry and she loves it
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    To me an IPAD is the most ideal phone for internet marketing
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    I've had Windows phones, Blackberrys, Androids and now the iPhone. I personally will never bother with another Windows phone or Blackberry. Androids and iPhone blow both of them out of the water. The iPhone beats the Android hands down though. If you are getting a smartphone you have to get an iPhone in my opinion. For the record, I'm not a Mac/Apple guy, I'm actually a Windows network administrator, the iPhone is just awesome.
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    Without a doubt, the Iphone is ideal for all the tasks listed
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      I used all sorts of phones myself and the iPhone has been the easiest. You can do all those things you want.
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    No love for android?

    The latest powerhouses from Android do all the stuff the iPhone can, but on a bigger, better displays, supporting Flash and more customization. I'd say an Android phone is better than iPhone for IM.
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    Samsung Galaxy Note! Small tablet, big phone..I'm getting that soon. Mark my words, in the years to come, phones will become bigger. They need to, especially as phones are used more and more for internet orientated functions.

    - Dan J
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    Not from personal experianece but I would say the note im looking into upgrading soon to it

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      Originally Posted by Farish View Post

      lol with all respect but this is a rubbish article, who writes an article and starts swearing? he hates on the note because it is big? half of the information in it is wrong, I have tested the note and its great!

      You cannot compare a the note to the iPhone..iPhone cannot do 30% of what android phones can do..people buy iPhones because they don't know any better or they want to be cool...but the iPhone is one of the worst phones if you ever use it to do some real work..

      If the iPhone is good for your tasks and you don't need more then that is great! but I would use android phones because the are more capable of doing " the things I want to do" and there is no limit + free apps I get with them..
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    It takes a lot more time to pick out a Droid phone. Some are, in fact, better equipped than the current generation of the iPhone, but also the manufacturing quality seems a step behind in many Droid phones. I have, in particular, had bad luck with HTC phones. Two got bricked (one from a hardware problem, and one after bad operating system upgrade).

    I can't recommend a Droid phone in particular (I am back to an iPhone), but I won't be buying an HTC again.
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    I love my iPhone in fact I'm on it right now. It works great for most basic tasks. If I really need to access my computer from my phone I use teamviewer. There are plenty of options Cor remote control but teamviewer is free and works great.

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  • Hmm... So majority's verdict is the IPhone then?

    What about Vertu? Anyone use them or have any experience with them?

    A lot of you have a point though, about not taking your work with you everywhere you go. I didn't really mean it literally that I'd be checking on my business 24/7.
    But there have been instances where I don't have access to my computer while still having the need to check on something urgent and address it. A mobile device that can cater to this need would be very useful.

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    With my droid phone I can do anything work related plus I can change the battery when needed. With 10 batteries and a portable power source I can be unplugged for a week or two. My iPhone user friends don't like the fact that they can't change their batteries.

    Posting from my HTC Droid Thunderbolt.

    George Wright
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    I use a samsung galaxy (and still miss the keypad on my old blackberry bold.. haha).

    I don't use my phone much for work, outside of checking e-mails and mobile compatibility of websites I'm (or my competitors..) are working on.

    However, I would recommend using a device that mimics what your audience/market is using. I know it's tempting to grab the best of the best as we're all so "into" the internet... but it'll give you a great grasp on the more subtle issues that they're dealing with on a daily basis.

    Maybe you'll find that that SMS marketing campaign would be more effective in a year or two after those 3 year phone contracts expire.. haha.

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    if had to, then iphone.

    id recommend that you use something with a larger screen though like an ipad and just buy a cheap phone
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    Android is the best for Internet Marketers

    i personally using it!
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    Another vote for an iPhone. This is a flexible smart phone. Non of smart phone can beat iPhone quality

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    I use Samsung, though I find the apps on itouch a bit enticing!

    Signed, Chloe C Kimberley

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    I'm already online all day working that I would go insane if I tried doing any marketing on my phone too. I do check my emails, and have a habit of checking all my accounts, CPA earnings, Adsense, etc. I just use an Android. Nothing too fancy, but works perfectly fine.

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    I also think that iPhone is an ideal phone for Internet Marketers.
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