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Hi there.I having problem using fizilla to transfer files to my host server.The following is what is displaced;
Command: USER thecable
Response: 331 User thecable OK. Password required
Command: PASS ***********
Response: 530 Login authentication failed
Error: Critical error
Error: Could not connect to server
Can anybody there tell me the solution?

NOTE;it is not that i typed in a wrong password.It is not also as a result of firewall blockage.I aso used cuteftp with still no connection
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    Login authentication failed generally means you have either entered the wrong username or password. I would double check things.
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    If you're 100% sure that you're typing in the id and password correctly sometimes case matters, try changing your protocol to SFTP.

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    there is remote connection problem if you're sure your password and username are correct then contact your administrator
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    It sounds like a username or password error but yesterday I couldn't log in when I was at an airport and I find sometimes I cannot log into my ftp program in certain internet cafes. If you have a webhosting reseller account you can log in to the list of your domains and then you can reset your password for the specific one as well as see the username you used for it.

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    If it is a new hosting account that you have never used ftp on before and you are sure the login is correct, contact your host provider. I had a similar issue on a new hosting account just last week, even live chat help team told me I must be using the wrong password, but after contacting them several times it turned out there was an error that had to be fixed their end.
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    It seems to me as a password problem. Try making a new account or just change the password. If that doesnt help then ask someone more technical.
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    Might also be the firewall blocking your IP. Normally this happens when you try to login too many times with wrong login details.

    Contact your web hosting provider.
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    It could be what everyone else has said here, but there are also some other things to check. In order that you don't have to type all your details everytime, use the site manager. Also check in there that logon is set to normal and username and password are correct, and also encryption set to plain ftp. If it's a business you are trying to ftp to, ask whether they use explicit ftp. I had that problem once, it drove me mad!! Good Luck
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    Could be that the server had some temporary issues. But in most likelihood it's a wrong login and/or password. Check if you don't have extra spaces in either of them - sometimes when you copy&paste a space gets added.
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    Hello oyenikeakanmu,

    If you are sure of your username and password start with the simplest first. Do not change hard settings and all or it will get all crazy.

    Check the mark to use passive ftp

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    it could be DNS issue, for example you are using proxy on your pc while the proxy is bad.
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